So, I took a break from books this weekend and watched a movie (or two) instead. I couldn't tell you why I choose Night at the Museum, because I had the feeling that it had been one of those that was overhyped and would be disappointing. Well, that isn't the case. Granted it wasn't the best movie ever, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Actually it was really quite interesting. White Noise, on the other hand, is a different matter entirely.

Seriously, when you walk away from a movie and the biggest problem you have is wondering how that whale could live out of water - I'd say the movie folks done pretty good.

Naturally, there are a few other things, but I didn't really notice them first time around. But, for example, Teddy knows that he is a wax figure, but others (not counting the Neanderthals) like Sakagewea don't seem to realize they aren't real. Of course, you could kinda/sorta fan-wank it in Sakageweas case - she's been locked in a glass cage for fifty years, and wouldn't have done any exploring. Though since Teddy knows where he was created, this wank doesn't hold firmly.

They also messed up pretty badly with the monkey. The monkey is supposed to be loving and good-natured, but (not counting the key stealing, which is legit monkey fun) Dextor biting and pissing on Larry was over the top. Funny, but over the top considering the personality they were saying was natural to the monkey.

Eating and waste is another problem - this one had an assist while I was watching to be fair. My dog decided to outside and naturally I got to thinking about all those animals. Not only do they not really have anything to eat (other than the other exhibits, which they don't actually eat) they don't seem (other than the monkey) to elimate either. Seriously, realistically the night guard would not be able to afford the cost of feeding the people and animals, AND it would be impossible to clean up after them in the mornings before others started showing up.

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