This time it is Flim-Flam by James Randi

Well, okay, that isn't the only book I've recently read, but it is the one I feel like talking about. Though a few other things (almost completely unrelated to the book) creep in. But it's my journal and I'll ramble if I want to, ramble if I want to...

This almost didn't get posted, because I was almost finished typing it up and then accidently deleted the whole thing and was unable to restore what I'd already wrote. So here is version 2.0.

Before we begin, I will point out the book itself is old (1982) and some of the stuff "debunked" older still. But the book was rather highly recommended and I was feeling like some skeptical reading.

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Now I will stop for a moment and provide some links "debunking" some of the so-called facts in James Randi's book "Flim-Flam":
A Skeptical Look At James Randi by Michael Prescott
The Amaz!ng 3 Meeting - Las Vegas, January 13-16, 2005 by Ted Dace
Randi Retreats by Richard Milton (I could be wrong, but RM is the name on the website at any rate.)

Now before someone yells at me, I can totally understand why Randi would not want to conduct at test that could potentially be life-threatening. Now during my research I heard rumors that there had been a test like this allowed by Randi before and the person almost died. However, that last is (at the moment) rumor more than fact.
Though, I personally believe a test of this nature could be done without proving fatal, even if the person in question was a faker. But I can understand why Randi wouldn't want to take that chance period!

And while I'm tossing out links, I suppose I should toss out the link to Randi's own site:
James Randi Educational Foundation

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