Well, here's another "review" from me about something you've probably never heard of.

Description: Ellie has been taking care of her younger brother Jimmy since their parents death. One night after picking him up from a party they are involved in a car accident on Mullholland Drive. While trying to rescue a woman from the other car a creature attacks and kills her, also injuring both Ellie and Jimmy. After some research Jimmy realizes the creature could only have been a werewolf.

I caught this little ditty Saturday while I was "resting" from gardening. I missed some of it, so the problems didn't seem obvious on that viewing. However, they were repeat viewing it later - I pulled out the VCR (That's right I'm one of the few people on this rock that don't have TIVO), set it up and went to bed.

Seriously, the movie was awesome from the point of view of having missed the first twenty (or so) minutes, because I figured some of those confusing little details might be explained once I saw the first several minutes. Alas, seeing those first minutes I believe added to my confusion.

This movie had me right up until the "twist" ending and then it lost me because suddenly NOTHING made sense. I suppose you could say this movie has one too many twists. One or the other would work (well, maybe not), but both together simply did NOT work.

Now even though the movie is several years old - I'll cut for those who haven't yet seen it - cause I'm just a nice gal that way.
(The following will probably be a tad confusing unless you've actually seen the movie.)

SPOILERS, seriously big spoilers for Cursed!Collapse )

Now that said, does anyone have any recs for vampire/werewolf movies? I'm more of a reader than a watcher, but I think I'd like to see more movies along these lines.
(Just keep in mind I am not a fan of gore, I like scary, but gory is NOT scary, just nasty.)