Well, I was right - by the time I got home yesterday I was tired and headachy. I thought about turning the PC on, but in the end I felt so bad that a made myself a little bed on the sofa and watched television until it was time to go to my actual bed.
(For those interested, I am very much feeling better and myself again today.)

Of course, I watched one of these episodes out of order - I watched Twisted Friday night, and the other three Saturday. Why? Well, I couldn't remember Twisted just from the title and I could remember Non Sequitur - I also remembered being less than fond of NS, so I decided to watch Twisted first and was very glad I did.

TwistedCollapse )

Non SequiturCollapse )

PartiritionCollapse )

Persistence of VisionCollapse )

PS - about Janeway/Paris...Collapse )