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Okay, I'm making a post for this Captain business - that way if I think of something I can just add (or reply) to this entry and will have everything in one place. Sorry to those on my flist that care not about this, but this is about making things easier for me.

Also, I must apologize to mizstorge for not getting back to her sooner. But my net connection flaked out on me yesterday so I didn't have time to get to everything I wanted too.

Decided not to spam my flist with a long postCollapse )
The 37'sCollapse )

InitiationsCollapse )

ProjectionsCollapse )

ElogiumCollapse )

PS - Apparently, VOY fans are still bringing the WANK! So, go VOYAGER!
(Seriously, at least I no longer feel so alone in my rewatching, because I now know that I'm not alone in feeling some VOY redux!

Update on Fanfic - The New Buffy/Anita X-over and Unexpected American VacationCollapse )