These things always come in threes, eh! First, I twisted my ankle, which you all know about cause I won't stop talking about it. Anyway, what I haven't mentioned is that I started my period Saturday. YAYS and SQUEES, NOT. Then my wonderful allergies have started up today. Well, I think they actually started last night, because I was feeling like crap and woke up feeling better but not perfect and as the day wears on I get to feeling crappier and crappier.

Okay, this makes four, but my internet connection went out for about four hours today. Well, this could count as three, since my ankle is almost fine again. I'm wearing shoes (losely) today and the pain isn't too bad. Anyway, my net started working again about an hour ago, but the speed is very very slow. But, hey, at least it is working again, so YAY and SQUEE!

PS - I should be able to get the first chapter of my new Buffy/Anita crossover posted over the weekend. While it isn't going to be cold, it is going to be chilly enough that I'm going to wait another week before planting. (And hope it doesn't hurt the plant roots to wait another week. That does worry me, I wanted to get the in the ground as soon as I got them, but right now it is just too cold, I think.)

PPS - I've been asked to be the Captain of the Voldemort(Tom)/Harry ship over at FAP! Don't believe me? Lookie Here.
Yes, I've accepted.
How cool is it that I was asked? Very cool, if you're me. ;) Although I may end up proving why newbies shouldn't be given power. And not cause I'd abuse it, but since I am a newbie over there, I do worry about mistakes, we all make them, but I tend to make the bigger and worse than others.

PPSS - I've watched (and reviewed) the first four episodes of Star Trek Voyager Season Two, but I haven't had time to get them typed up. It seems, though, that Season Two is where most of my long-held Voyager ideas started. Need to get my butt in gear, because I have the second disc waiting on my shelf.

PPPSSS - Obviously, I don't know how to do proper PSs after the second one. Anyway, I'm still watching Blood Ties, and I have liked the last couple episodes, but don't really have anything more to say about then that that. Trust me, when I have something to say, I'll post it. ;)