Well, not literally. But I am crying (once again) for a once great (or at least good) series of books that... Oh, hell, where do I start?

I'm talking about the Anita books. They've never been great literature, but they were full of bang and entertaining in the beginning, now they're full of badly written sex and characters so far away from what they originally were that it is sad to see. On the other hand, it can be interesting to watch as a series you once loved is trashed, especially since the crash itself has some entertainment value.
(I hated the downfall of Buffy because as a series I had loved it very much in the beginning - so that downfall was less fun for me. But somehow Hamilton is pulling off a downfall that is somewhat amusing in and of itself. Strange.

But enough is enough. Okay, I admit I liked Narcissus in Chains, sure there were a few WTF moments, but I could gloss over them because I still thought there was a purpose. Cerulean Sins was (in some ways) worse for me, because before reading that book I learned some of the things I was hoping for by the end of NiC were in fact not going to happen. On the other hand, there were less technical errors in CS, so there was still hope to be had.

Then along came Incubus Dreams, which in my review I summed up in one word (ClusterFuck!). It really was that bad. Discontinuity, misspellings on a level that hadn't been seen before - sure most every book as a few, and Hamilton's tended to have more than others, but still wasn't enough for me to get weird about it. You have to remember I'm just not a spelling/grammar Nazi, but honestly if you don't have those skills at my level or higher, then I am going to notice and think one (especially published author) should do better. Heck, I think I should do better as a non-published net ranter, but that isn't the point.

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