Okay, twisted may be the wrong word. I know it is the official term, but I didn't twist it so much as tried to ignore my foot and walk on it. OUCH!

Yesterday evening I was trying to get my flowers covered - I had already brought in the more sensitive ones, but now we are going to be getting freezing cold temps and I realized I needed to cover the rest - if I could.

Well, a couple weeks ago I had to dig some dirt for my flower pots and to cover some bare spaces in beds. Guess what happened. Yesterday as I was walking around trying to cover things, I wasn't watching where I was going and stepped in one of the holes I'd left from dirt digging and my ankle tried to touch the ground. It hurt like a Mother-F**ker! I damn near cried.

But thankfully it wasn't broken and didn't seem fractured, and after ten minutes (or so) the pain seemed to fade. YAY! So I went on about my day, but I noticed later as I tried to do my nightly chores, I was having a bit of trouble moving without pain. So, I finally took off my shoe and realized that my ankle (on the outside) had swollen, which was probably why my shoe was hurting it.

I left the shoes off and finished my nightly stuff, then when I sat down, I noticed it was still swelling. So I rubbed some medicine on it and hoped for the best. Today the swelling has gone down a bit, but the pain actually seems worse today.

PS - The cold weather was the cause of my mood yesterday, because it was annoying enough knowing I was going to have to baby my freshly planted stuff. Although I didn't realize how bad it would end up being. LOL