First, I guess this journal will probably have a few more Harry Potter posts than usual until (probably) the end of July, beginning of August. However, I will still try to pop others things in here from time to time.
(This explains the "give up" in the subject line, because I've been trying not to be heavily Potter to spare my friends who aren't into HP.

Second, I ache! Idiot that I am I decided that since I had a long weekend (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) that all the yardwork must be done in those three days. *sigh* No, I don't have it all done, but at least the rest of what I need to do shouldn't hurt me so bad. Seriously, my arms are like noodles today, my knees ache, but it is really my arms that are getting me the worst, cause not only are they noodles, they are bruised and hurting noodles. Thankfully since I did so much this weekend, I shouldn't even have to do any mild work (outside my job) for a week or so.
Speaking of which, how the hell am I going to do my job with arms made of jello?!
However, since we had much rain this weekend my allergies aren't being a problem. SO I'm also thankful for that, but that is part of the reason I tried to do everything in one weekend, because once the rain ends pollen will be back and anything outside will literally make me sick.
(This was not in the subject line. ;))

Third, and finally, we get into the meat of this entry, or maybe not meat, just a question that has been nagging me for some time.

One Big Happy Weasley Family (or OBHWF for short).
I always figured this was just a catch-all phrase for Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. However, the FAP V.E.N.O.M. forum has me believing it means more than that. Why? Because there is already a "Can't Stand H/G and R/Hm" thread, and FAP doesn't allow duplicate threads. Therefore, OBHWF must include more pairings than that. So my question is - What are the ships included in OBHWF?

Obviously, I know Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, I also assume Arthur/Molly and Bill/Fluer. But what other pairings? Who are the OBHWF ships for Charlie, Percy, Fred, and George?
(Also, is Neville/Luna (for whatever reason) included in OBHWF?)

PS - Obviously, I haven't worked on any fanfic, but I am hopeful I'll have the first chapter of one of my stories ready to post by the weekend, because I'd like to get some feedback on both of them, but I'll have to pick one and focus on it. Probably the Buffy/Anita crossover since it is much closer to being finished.

PPS - Yes, I know this is April Fools day, but I'm too tired to play. At least here on LJ. ;)