So, some have (no doubt) noticed that I haven't been around on the internet much the past two/three days. That's because it has gotten warm (really warm, in fact) here and I've been putting out (and planting) flowers on the porch and cleaning out yard flower beds.

And today I'm finished (for now) and I feel like crap. Me and outside just do not mix. But, hey, at least the porch and the flower beds look awesome. And I'm not being sarcastic, because I really am proud of the job I did. I just wish doing said job didn't make me sick.

Of course, now the long-range forecast is indicating that it might get a bit chilly by next weekend. Not freezing, but cooler, which might hurt a couple of my plants.

And the job isn't finished, I have ordered some other plants, which will need planting when they come in. But some of the stuff I ordered won't need much work after they are planted, so hopefully I won't have to spend lots of time outside (getting sick) after I get things in the ground and started.
(Main reason is the weeds tend to take over my flower beds in the yard, and this year I'm trying to get some spreading stuff that will choke out the weeds, because when it gets really hot I tend not to do outside work because it makes me even sicker then and so the weeds completely take over.
Secondary reason is that I do not have a green thumb. If a plant needs tender work and care, even when I try, those plants tend not to make it.)