I was answering a question over on the HP/LV thread at FAP and had a bit more to say than what I decided to post in that thread. The question was: When did you start shipping Voldemort (Tom) and Harry?, and I was trying to introduce my entire HP history in answer, which would have been a bit off-topic for the thread because it totally involves more pairings than HP/LV.
Well, maybe not all of it, but more than was necessary to answer the question over there.

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PS - I haven't reviewed or commented on the lastest Blood Ties episode because I don't really have much to say. Not bad, but again not dazzling. Plus, I've decided they've made Vicki too blind. Seriously, in just a short time (realistically) she should be completely blind, but I can't see them doing that. *chants about suspicion of disbelief* Otherwise, I've reverted back to a wait and see 'tude for this show.
PPS - The message board didn't take off. It is still open, but I'm not checking it daily, because I think it is dead in the water.