*sigh* I almost forgot. Almost hell, if I hadn't decided to make a news type post on one of my message boards today I would have completely missed it. I new it was set to start airing sometime this month, but wasn't aware that today IS the day.

For those out there who're reading this entry, but haven't read the Blood Books - you can find out about them by clicking here.

Anyway, as mentioned above, Blood Ties will air its first episode tonight on Lifetime! It is a two hour opener.

I'm looking forward to this one for several reasons, but probably what makes me most eager is Tanya Huff herself. You can tell just from reading her LJ entries that she is very happy and excited about this series. So, because of that I am hopeful it will be good.
Of course, I admit some dissappointment in knowing that Tony Foster (my favorite Huff character) will not be in this series. However, I found out a while back that if Blood Ties does well then Tony might get his own series. YAY!

Anyway, I am more hopeful than I would be without Huff's excitement about this series. Besides Buffy is long gone and Blade wasn't that good - I need another vampire series. Hopefully this will fill the bill.

For more details on the television series, check out this link. Again - First episode airs tonight!

UPDATE: andpuff (the author of the books on which this series is based) has two small requests for those who will be viewing the episode.

Click here to see them!Collapse )