You know, I've always kinda known that (not trying to sound like a MarySue, but) I've always realized that some of the things I believed/thought more often than not didn't go with the crowd, so to speak.

Well, today I was with a group of people (in real life) and while ultimately (again so to speak) we believe the same thing - I realized there are a hundred (if not more) little ways in which we disagree and in some cases disagree strongly. They've always been there, but for some reason I was just smacked in the face with them today.

Now that has left me noticing all the zillion ways I disagree with others who ultimately do agree with me.

Take Harry/Ginny (for example) I dislike the relationship, and I'm certainly not alone on that. However, there are many Anti-H/G arguments that I do not agree with or in a few extreme cases cannot see at all.

Or we could take Harry/Luna and Ron/Hermione - so many of my fellow H/L shippers just love R/Hm... *sigh* There are days (since Book Six) that I actually loathe R/Hm more than Harry/Ginny. So, even there I don't completely agree with fellow shippers.
And again there are many who hate Harry/Ginny that love Ron/Hermione.

I don't know - every so often I get bogged down by the fact that more often than not I just find myself never truly fitting in with others. I.E. I agree with them in part, but never seemingly completely.