Not that anyone seems to care, but I feel like babbling about it anyway.

First, I was sick yesterday - for most of the day very sick. I still don't know why, but I feel much better today - I'm still achy in places, but there is no headache or fever. YAY!
Though I have this eerie feeling (outright fear) that the headache may return later.

SO, how does that relate to the new story?

Friday night while watching television, I got bit by the writing bug and ended up hand writing a couple chapters of the story. At that point, I thought everything was coming along well, though before I stopped, I did come to realize that if I continued on that course the story would end sooner than I was expecting. Well since I felt so bad yesterday I just barely had the strength to type up what I'd hand-wrote. I certainly didn't try to add any clever bits or give much thought to what I was typing up.

Now today I realize that with the hand-written bit I was heading into a corner, because if I continue this way the story will come to a rather abrupt end. Well, that or I would end up having to write an outright war (it would be the natural and logical outcome of my present course, but...) - I don't want to write a war, in fact I REFUSE to do it. Therefore, I would let the story abruptly end before it came to that.

So now I get to go back and almost completely redo two whole freakin' chapters - not to mention a few bits that will need to be altered even futher back. On the other hand, I think once I get the altering done the story will (hopefully) come to an end that is natural, logical, and doesn't lead to or involve a war.

Though Anita and Buffy seem hell bent and determined to wipe each other out. And the way the story is set up Anita simply can't win.

Well, actually, it isn't Buffy so much as it is a couple of Buffy's nearest and dearest who want to take Anita apart. The trouble is Buffy doesn't exactly object to what they want because Anita keeps annoying Buffy herself. Still Buffy doesn't hate Anita as much as some of the others do.
The downside is changing the story means I'll lose this cool bit with Edward that I was planning on doing, because changing it means that Anita won't (probably) be calling him in.

Anyway, if the headache from hell doesn't return, hopefully I'll get the alterations done today and be ready to move forward on the story again tomorrow. But I want to work out this little problem before I even think about publishing it.