I still don't have a real plan - I seem to just be sitting back having fun with this one. I've just started chapter eight and right now beyond that I don't have any plan/plot... Actually this story, unlike some of my others, doesn't have a real heavy plot to begin with, which is probably why the story is coming along so well. Rather than allowing myself to get bogged down in a thick plot, I'm just kicked back writing what comes to me.

However, I was thinking about going ahead and posting what I have written to see if anyone has any ideas on what should (or what they would like to see) happen. I don't think I'm about to run out of ideas, or anything like that. Though, I admit, after yesterday I was beginning to think this might be another one that would stall.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in with an update on the recent fanfic.
Oh, and is there anyone on my flist who would be interested in beta reading this story for me?
As I've mentioned the story is a Buffy/Anita crossover and so far the rating would be no higher than R, and I'm not planning anything which should change that. Of course, since I don't have a real tight plan here, that could change.
There are hints of both slash and het and some rather strong language.

So, if there is anyone who would be interested, let me know. I still need to proofread what I've got - so you wouldn't have to start beta-reading right away. I'm just trying to get someone in line to do this, because I think I would like to start posting this and get some reader reaction.

PS - As in the past, the avatar used with this entry has nothing to do with the entry itself.