Not that it was long or probably truly noticable, because I have still been around on LiveJournal - just haven't made an entry in my own. However, I thought I should discuss my recent absense for those on my flist who may (or may not) have missed me on message boards the past couple days.

Yesterday I got started (really started) on a fanfic and made some super awesome progress, because I decided to stay offline (mostly) yesterday to work on said fanfic. Though I didn't expect to work on it ALL day, but I ended up doing just that. And with the added work of today, I have four chapters (one really long one) finished.
There may be some merging or breaking up of chapters. But I doubt it, because (if anything) I think the first three chapters will be expanding slightly (or more) because some of the latter stuff will work better if I can work some more detail into the early stuff.

Anyway, that is why I haven't been around the various places. However, if all goes will I should be checking them out (and posting) later tonight.

The Fic That Kept Me OfflineCollapse )

So, in closing, I may be backing off message boards for awhile - I really do have many fanfics in progress and if I keep playing around on message boards and stuff I might never get them finished.
However, I don't plan to abandon message boards entirely - just a slight (or more) cutting back.