So, believe I mentioned before that I decided to speed up the order in which I'd start receiving the show from Netflix - if I hadn't it would be December or later before I'd have started watching and I wanted to do it right then right now. Well, I got the first one yesterday - of course, I hadn't planned to start watching until tonight, because last night I had some actual plans that didn't involve housework or staying inside.
LOL - It rained! And I don't mean a storm blew through and it rained hard and fast for awhile and then was gone. THANKFULLY there were no storms (they'd get close, but fall apart before they reached me). However, it rained and rained and rained - so as you can imagine I called it an early night. Since there was some thunder and lightning, I decided rather than turning the PC back on, I'd just go ahead and watch some VOY.

First things first - Neelix did not annoy me, surprise, surprise. I remember that he annoyed me, but perhaps he didn't annoy me from the very first, or maybe this is just another of those little ways in which my opinion has changed. Perhaps.
PS - The Doctor didn't annoy me either. However, unlike Neelix I remember that I didn't dislike the Doctor from the first moment he appeared - I think by the end of season one he was starting to annoy, but I didn't hate him at first. So, I'm wondering if this may also be the case with Neelix, but because I ended up disliking him so badly I just remember hating him from the moment I saw him.

Cutting away, cause this is longish. Not as long as I can be, but longer than a friends page might be happy with.Collapse )

Anyway, I don't know if I'll make an entry for every disc or not. Mainly because I'm not sure I'd have much to say about every episode. So, don't worry, friends, I'm not planning to SPAM your flist with all Voyager all the time. Even if I did plan to make an entry for every episode (or at least every disc) I've spaced them out. Now I'll have (at least) two movies to watch before I get the second disc, so I won't be watching (or posting) one right after the other.

*sigh* If I keep this up, I will have to get some more (and hopefully better) VOY avatars/icons.