I'm bored. Really bored. There's nothing to do. I've tried to get into my writing and I just can't get that going anywhere. So I've been cruising the message boards and even the large ones seem kinda dead tonight.

I finally tried to look up some old fanfics (mainly unfinished ones that might have been updated since last time I looked) and I'm not finding anything. *sigh* Usually when I'm bored I can at least find some fanfic to keep me busy/distracted, but tonight I'm failing at that.
Don't suppose anyone has a few good recs? HarryPotter, Buffy, X-Files, anything... Crossovers?

At this point I'd take essays, articles, and such about any of the above, though Potter is probably the only one that would have anything new.

Maybe tomorrow (or even later today) I'll be able to give some of my WIP fanfic a push, but for now it seems I'm bored with nothing to read. *sigh*