In my previous entry I was squeeing about a certain Harry/Luna pic - you know the one. Well, I've since found out that said pic may have not been purposely released. Which means all my squeeing about how they (the movie people) could have chosen to release any couply pic they wanted to on Valentines day and they choose the one I squee'd over was in error.

Not that I'm not still squeeing and happy. Just because the movie folks didn't chose to release the pic (Vals day or otherwise) doesn't make it a bad thing. Especially since they seem to be trying to shove the cat back in the bag. Why would they be trying so hard to keep it under wraps? I can think of a few ideas and they are all still good for Harry/Luna.

Though admittedly I still liked it better when I thought they chose to release the pic on Valentines day.


Anyway, it is still good and hasn't completely taken the wind out of my sails - it just means my original impressions were slightly off.

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PPS - About the icon I'm using - it has nothing to do with this entry, I just really really like it. That is all. ;)