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THIS entry was meant to be posted yesterday, but LJ was having some issues, so we're going to pretend today is yesterday and all will be fine!

Not that it really matters, it isn't like I've got anything (or any one) to do today. But it just sucks to be sick, especially since I had decided on several plans last night and I've been trying to follow through today, but it isn't going well.

My head hurts and I cannot stay off the potty. However, as far as I'm concerned the headache is the bigger problem - I woke up this morning and knew I didn't feel right, but I didn't feel bad, so no problem, right? Wrong! Now I feel like crap and I wish I could shoot the marching band inside my head.

But anyway...

Long Gray Twilight 2_NoteCollapse )

New Buffy/Anita Crossover started!Collapse )

I know I did, despite everything!
Look for a squeeling fangirl entry from me later today where I'll tell you all about it!
First the squeeling good news:

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?

So, I mentioned that yesterday evening I was feeling like shit! But the moment I saw this pic, I kid you not I started feeling better.
We'll be ignoring the little fact about me having taken a couple of advil about an hour before seeing the pic.

I actually had to leave the room (because I was not alone) to go off and do a happy dance! I don't know if the pic confirms anything or not, but it really makes me happy. Srsly, I was humming Peeves little "Potty loves Loony" ditty well into the night.

Read More! How Harry CAN date other gals in the films and still have H/L subtext!Collapse )

Oh yay! It's the boy who refuses to accept no for an answer!Collapse )