Okay, I said that unless something else came up I was done with the Harry Potter entries for a while anyway. Well, something else came up. I discovered last night that the HarryxLucius YAHOO!group has been deleted by YAHOO.

*curses YAHOO* No, seriously there were a couple fanfics I LOVED that were ONLY available through this group and now the group is gone and I did not save those fics!

Anyway, I would have just let this slip by without an entry, since I really did not intend to post another HP entry after my last one - but I know there are a few good folks on my flist who were members of said group and would (no doubt) be interested in knowing that the group is now on LJ at beloved_enemies

You could also join Lucius_and_Harry_slash_Fiction - they have many of the same stories (and members, though not all the same stories and/or members) as the other group did.
But, of course, YAHELL might decide to baalete this one too.