I don't like the pairing of Ron/Luna and the issue gets more complex for me when I see people who can't stand Ron/Hermione because they see Ron treating Hermione like shit and saying because he doesn't treat her well that it just can't be R/Hm in the end. And, yet, they turn around and slap Luna with Ron even though he treats Luna even less well in canon than he does Hermione.

Anti-R/Hm shipper 1: How can we avoid Ron/Hermione? We need someone else for Ron, but who?

Anti-R/Hm shipper 2: LUNA! I mean, Rowling did sink Neville/Luna, but she hasn't sank Ron/Luna.

Anti-R/L shipper: But, um, Ron doesn't seem to like Luna at all, in fact after two books he still only barely tolerates her.

Anti-R/Hm shipper 2: Ah, but he said she was growing on him at the end of Book Six.

Anti-R/L shipper: *grumbles* Big deal, he said that about Lockhart too.

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And now, thankfully, (unless something else comes up) I believe I am done with HP entries. That or if I continue to feel the urge more "Can't Stand" type entries, I'll take it to V.E.N.O.M. and spare my friends who care nothing about HP. At least until Movie Five/Book Seven.
Of course, I don't know if my flist will be any happier, because I'm probably about to move into Star Trek Voyager entries, because as I suspected I have moved STV up on my Netflix list - so I should start watching VOY again sometime next month.