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I believe! Kinda, sorta, maybe...Collapse )

Color me skeptical!Collapse )

Official Disclaimer: Yes, I am perfectly aware that there is more to paranormal phenomenon than ghosts and aliens, but since those two things are what the conversation involved, those are the two things I talked about for this.
Okay, so I've been thinking about this for awhile. Just about every single HP ship has something wrong with it - even ones I like. Now there is no way I'm going to do every HP ship, because I'd be here long after Book Seven was over, might be here until Movie Seven.

So, in that spirit I've decided to only do five:
(yes, I'm actually including one I really like and two that I do support in this, just to be fair. Or maybe just to prove that I can poke holes in my own ships, thank you very much!)

I might do others later, but I probably won't.

First up...

Anti H/GCollapse )

Anti R/HmCollapse )

Anti H/HmCollapse )

Anti H/LCollapse )

Anti H/DCollapse )

No doubt there are plenty of typos and spelling errors (among other mistakes) in the above, but it has taken forever to type it up and I decided to post it before I lost it. Now I'm off to bed in my prissy little hum-bug mood, so it'll be tomorrow before corrections will occur (if they ever do).