So, I was a little late on buying season five of this show, and to be perfectly honest I probably should have waited a bit longer, because I'm still in broke-land. But I didn't, so...

Anyway, last night I watched the final episode and it finally hit me what exactly bothered me about this season. You see first time around I actually liked the way season five ended better than season four (Yes, I know, most didn't), but something had always bothered me and it finally hit me.

Through the early years you get the impression that Section One is a big ol' place, but in season five you get the distinct feeling that there are only about a dozen or so people in Section.
Plus, I think a part of me had kinda always hoped Operations (Paul) was Nikita's father rather than some big unknown.

Granted there are times in the early years where you sometimes feel that Section is rather small, but those times can (and were) usually explained by the fact that there were other Operatives simply off doing other things. During season five you don't get this impression at all.

There may be other things I find later, but this is what jumped out at me during my quick run-through to make sure all the dvds played properly.

However, I do plan to go back now and watch this series start to finish (along with several others - talked about here), though I probably won't start doing that until March or April. For some reason I seem to have more time for these kinds of things during the summer than I do the winter.