Okay, since this has come up recently (as in today) I decided to make an entry about it, because there may be other icons/avatars which I'm using and giving credit wrongly. Or for example, the one I'm using with this entry - I did not make it - however, I did get permission to use it, the problem is I cannot remember who made it, so it is going uncredited because I can't remember.
(If you're reading this and made the avatar in question could you reply so I can credit? Please.)
Update Note: I have since found the maker of the icon I'm using in this entry and that person is ita.

Anyway, if I'm using an icon/avatar you made and have wrongly credited someone else let me know and I'll credit properly. Or if you don't want me using it period - just reply here and ask me to stop - believe it or not I will stop if you don't want me using it.
Even if you gave me permission and have since changed your mind, if you want me to stop using, I will.

Therefore, since this has come up, I decided to go and take a peek at all the ones I am using. Thankfully there are only five others that I am actually unsure about (not counting the one already mentioned above).

"Fellow Death Eaters"
Was nicked from someone on Fandom_Wank. However, I believe I did/do have permission to use this one, but I simply can't remember who should get credit on the making of it.

"ErmKidsSW" (Luke/Leia kissing with Vader watching)
Again was nicked from someone on Fandom_Wank, but again I can't remember who should get credit. Nor am I entirely sure I asked for permission on this one.
The above two were nicked before I got my LJ so if permission was given it wouldn't have been given to queenettefallon.

I think I credited this one right, but I'm not sure and since I can't remember asking for permission to use it - this one may be another that I've nicked and am crediting wrongly or just flat using without permission.
Update Note: I was right, I do have this one properly credited.

And, finally, Both the Stewart/Colbert '08 ones are ones that I'm unsure I've credited properly. But I think (think, being the keyword) I nicked them from a free to all thing, so the only problem here should be the giving of credit wrongly.

Now I admit my mind ain't what she used to be, but I believe the five above are the only "problem" ones. However, I won't be upset if someone comes along and proves me wrong. Like I said, if I'm using one that you made and that you don't want me to use (I'll stop) or if you don't mind me using it, but would just like to be properly credited, let me know.
Of course, there are several that I've simply made by shrinking a promo pick (or other freely available pic down), and that is why they aren't credited to anyone, because I didn't take the picture nor did I do anything other than shrink it.

*sigh* Turns out there were more than five which I was uncertain about. However, while there are still a few I am not completely sure of, all the more recent ones I've borrowed I am now certain of.
The ones I am not certain of are those that were nicked quite some time ago and those are the ones I'm having lots of trouble tracking down. I'm not completely giving up, but JournelFen (which is where Fandom_Wank is hosted and that is where the ones I'm still unsure of I believe to have come from originally) is not currently inclined to allow me to do searching because I don't have an account there.