*sigh* I think I'm beginning to suffer from a total system shut-down, honestly. Okay, that's probably a tad overly dramatic.

But for example, Thursday I woke-up with indigestion - I woke-up with it! I had problems all day, but managed and by the time I woke Friday that seemed gone, though it did try and return a bit after lunch.

*le sigh* By Friday night I noticed a mild pain in my left side - it's pretty much dead center in my side. It feels like a pulled muscle, but it could be gas, because when I burp it briefly feels better - of course, it could be something else entirely, I suppose. Anyway, it wasn't too bad, annoying more than anything.

However, at various points overnight I would be woken up cause I moved and caused myself pain. But when I finally got up this morning, it didn't seem any worse than it was yesterday. It's worse now. Of course, I had to make up my bed (more painful than I thought it would be) and get a shower, again more painful than I thought it would be. Did I mention the whole dressing thing? Hurt, so I didn't bother with shoes, just slipped on some flip-flops. Also had to run out and get a bag of cat food, which didn't really hurt, but kept me active.

So, now I'm setting in front of my PC (DUH!) and the pain is still rather sharp, even though I am trying my best to use proper posture and everything. I've also noticed that I cannot sneeze, three times already I've felt one building and then just when it's ready to burst free, it touches something in my side when sends out a nice sharp pain and kills the sneeze dead.

The good news is that it seems to be finally easing up the longer I just sit here. So, hopefully it is NOTHING serious and I'll be okay by tonight/tomorrow.