Well, I got enough money for Christmas to get a paid LJ account or the Sims... *sigh* I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about with the Sims, but grimprime made a great point. He would build them all the nice stuff then drown them and never play again. Actually the thing that made my mind was some of the complaints I've seen about the game. Many things take real time, which would be fine for parties, hanging out with friends, etcs., but driving/walking/whatever from point A to point B would make me get tired of the game real fast from the comments I've seen. So, I decided to hold off on the Sims.

The stupid part of all this, and the part that will haunt my f-list, I also purchased 100 user pics. What the hell was I thinking? No, seriously, I've added a whole bunch and have only raised the total to fourty... Don't know why the hell I thought I'd need one hundred! Actually, I could have probably made due and been almost happy with the thirty five that come with a paid account. But no! I decided to go whole hog. And you know what'll happen when it comes time to renew, I'll be lovin' my pics so much that I'll end up paying for them again. *sigh*

PS - My LJ design might change, as well. I do like the one I'm using, but I have a paid account now and there was a design I liked better when I was coming up with the one I have now, but it was only for paid users. So now that I'm a paid user I'm probably gonna go and snag that one now.

Oh and a question - Does my LJ still display ads to those who aren't paid users? I no longer see ads anywhere, but I was just wondering if the no seeing ads thing was just me and that there were still ads on my journal to non-paid users.

PPS - I've tried to credit those who made the avatars I use, but some were simply made from publicity photos and stuff by myself (the only kind I can make) and others I'm no longer sure who made them. So if you see one of my 'tars and you made it and I haven't credited you, let me know and I will. Also, if you see any credited wrong, I may have nicked one from someone and credited the person I nicked it from rather than the person who created it.