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Well, last night was New Years Eve, DUH! And I f-locked a post yesterday for really no reason. Well, I was all ready celebrating and I guess in my state I thought it would take longer for me to recover and didn't want someone replying and then thinking I was just ignoring them. And don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect today, but it isn't as bad as I was expecting it would be.

Anyway, I've now unlocked yesterdays entry and the one before that. I'm still not sure why I thought locking yesterdays was a good idea, but I do know why I locked the one before that. But have now decided what the hell! I now think my reason for locking that one was kinda silly, as well, because I doubt I have people just watching this journal waiting to rail at me. And if I do... Well, bring it! And if you're going to troll me, all I ask is that you be interesting. I.E. Please refrain from doing the tired trolls that have been done a million times before - that bores me.


PS - I noticed that I stopped doing the monthly birthday thing. So if I missed your B-Day I'm terrible sorry - I will try to do better, but to be perfectly honest I kinda knew this would happen.
WOW! Two entries in one day... I think I may be bored.

Laurell K. Hamilton and company are at it again. You know I think the Fandom_Wank people summed it up nicely. Hamilton wants to be Anne Rice, or probably thinks she is Anne Rice. What a nice role model Hamilton has there.

Mini Fandom_Wank rant. Seriously, very mini!Collapse )

Anyway, Hamilton pulls it all out with the blog to her haters!
My characters are real to ME. If you don't like it, don't read it. My sales figures support me (I.E. all those email lurkers are on MY SIDE!). I'm being stalked by my haters - stalked, I tell you! I'm no ones fan-girl, but I have plenty of fangirls, which proves I'm talented! I refuse to kill characters, because they are real to me and I LOVE THEM. My writing is too intelligent for you mundanes to ever understand!

You know at least Rice never comes across as a crazy fan-girl. Don't get me wrong, she comes across as crazy, but at least she doesn't pull out all the typical fan-girl excuses/reasons! Also, I think (but I can't be absolutely sure) that Hamilton is doing a bit of Rowling bashing in that blog. Not that I haven't bashed Rowling myself, but coming from another famous(ish) writer that just seems kinda tacky to me. Honestly, read the part about killing characters and see what you think. Also, the part about reading boring old writers who plot things out, granted she doesn't word it that way, but that is basically what she's saying without all the pretty words.

Of course, there is one nugget of truth in the whole which sprang from her lips (er, fingertips) - then I have failed you as a writer. Sorry, but it was just kinda nice to see her say it, even if the overall gives the impression she's blaming the reader for interrogating from the WRONG prespective!

And it isn't that I hate (or at least it wasn't that I hated) any character. But I do think the Anita books need a good culling - there are TOO MANY characters and she just keeps adding more. But most people I've seen talking about killing characters want Hamilton to kill one that will shake things up, not just because they hate that character. We think Anita needs shaking up and the cast needs culling - so it's a case of killing two birds with one stone!

SPOILERS for THE HARLEQUIN. I.E. The next Anita bookCollapse )

Okay, now I'm off to check out Hamilton snark boards - they've got to be having fun with this and I want to play!

Okay, I went and played with the HATERS! Here is what I said/posted. There are also SPOILERS in the followingCollapse )