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Smoke and Ashes is the third novel in the Smoke series. The first is Smoke and Shadows - one of my favorite books ever (paperback). Then Smoke and Mirrors - for me, the weakest in the series (paperback).

In addition to all that, the above are sequels to Huff's Blood series. However, believe me when I say reading the Blood novels is not necessary to understand the Smoke series. You see, I've only recently ordered the first two Blood books. So, I do plan to read them, but I've read the three Smoke novels without doing so.

Speaking of which is there anyone who knows how many books Huff will be writing in the Smoke series? I've done some googling, but my google kung-fu leaves much to be desired. I just wondered if she'll have five books as she did with Blood. Mainly I'm just hoping Smoke and Ashes isn't the last one, there are still some dangling bits that could be played with (no sexual pun actually meant).

I've only read through Smoke and Ashes the one time, I'm actually in the middle of the second read. However, I can tell you that I really enjoyed this novel. I believe I may even like it more than Smoke and Shadows, because Smoke and Shadows did have a bit of a weak ending, Smoke and Ashes does not.

There's also a really good plot twist, at least it was certainly unexpected for me.

And that twist is: SpoilersCollapse )

There is also a major hint/clue that Chester Bane (Tony's boss) may be more than he appears. Okay, there's been clues toward that in the previous two novels, but one thing that jumped out at me here was... But just so I don't make anyone think I've actually spoiled anything - it really could be nothing at all.

Again with the SPOILERSCollapse )

There were some things that disappointed me, or rather were simply unexpected. For example, I thought a certain someone was gay and had a bit of a crush on Tony, but that turns out to be untrue. Just bugs me a bit because the ending of Smoke and Mirrors left me thinking this person was crushing on Tony.

And that's all I'll say on that, because I don't feel like cutting again.

While Tony still needed the help of almost everyone, he actually came into his own in Smoke and Ashes. And as for the last kiss... I was happy, but not actually as satisfied as I expected to me. Of course, that may be because it was only a kiss.

Like both the previous novels Smoke and Ashes pulls you in right away and doesn't let you go until the end. Yes, even the overly cliched plot of Smoke and Mirrors hooks you from the beginning and doesn't let go. Somehow Huff manages to make cliche things seem new again, mostly.


Hmmm, well, I've already used this LJ more than I thought I would. However, since I only have a few more new things to read/watch I expect things will drop off sharply at that point.
Okay, I was reading a friends comments about the past, and so I went and looked over the thread (What ever happened to...?). Alas, I didn't really expect to be mentioned, because I haven't had anything to do with TrekBBS since the switch-over to UBBThreads. But sometimes one just goes into a funk and starts thinking about the past.

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times. At least there was no Fandom_Wank around in those days, otherwise my sometime wankiness would be documented. Oh, yes, I made plenty of wank-worthy posts in those days.

I think what makes me sad (allow my ego a moment, please) is the fact that I was a part of TrekBBS history - not saying I was there at the very beginning, because I was not. But I was a part of somewhat early TrekBBS history, and now I find there is almost no one left on TrekBBS who remembers me. *sigh* Or put another way, I read that whole thread and knew about three people.

Okay, I knew several that were mentioned as being missed, but of the active posters I knew two (I know I said three, I think one was a name change, if I'm wrong, then I only know two). How fleeting fame. I was rather infamous back in the day, and yet there doesn't seem to be anyone left who remembers.

Anyway, there are some persons mentioned in that thread I would love to hear from again - so if you peeps are lurking around LJ, give me a yell, please.

Jethro Elvis

Others that I knew, but less well. Meaning, they might not know me at all.


Others, off the top of my head, that I miss, but weren't mentioned in that thread.

starbys (Who I know is still around the net, just not the same places I am)
Gecko (Aka Rufus)
wheresSaviik (spelling may be off)

Oh, hell, the list just goes on and on, but I will stop there.

PS - Apologizes to those on my friends-list who could care less about all of this. ;)