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Okay, so I've posted all four parts to this story on my LJ - not sure why I hadn't posted the story before now, because it has been finished (including editing) for quite some time. And it will probably be a long time before I update my website, meaning this story was just setting on my hd collecting dust. Shameful.

Title: Long Gray Twilight
Chapter One - Chapter Two - Interlude - Chapter Four
Author: Emma Love (aka queenettefallen = me = Emma Love)
Beta: jhovall (aka Addie)
Rating: PG-13 (The rating could probably come down to PG, but I decided to play it safe.)
Summary: Is this the end? Mulder and Scully and all their allies are on the run, and their enemies are everywhere. But some of our heros will cross the border into Canada while others will not be so lucky. Can two Canadian vampires restore hope where it has faded? Especially when one of the vampires themselves is on the brink of despair.
Note: This is an X-Files/ForeverKnight in-canon crossover. This story starts shortly after the end of both shows.
At least I've done my best to keep things canonical, though I do fudge in a few places.
Note2: I realize this story is only nineteen pages long and could have probably been squashed into one single entry, but I decided to break it up into chapters as it was intended to be.

PS - I posted this story in reverse order so it would show up IN order on your friends page.

Now pardon me while I go on a horrible ramble about this story. You are free to skip this and read the story instead, but I feel a weird need to talk about it.

I've written much fanfic during my time online and while writing each story gets in my head and stays with me until the end. For the most part, when the story ends the characters and universe leave my head.

However, there are three (now four) fics I've written that stayed with me past the ending. The first time this happened I went back and expanded what was originally intended to be a "one shot" into an eight part series.

SERIES: Consuming Darkness - Part One "Resistance and Seduction" - Rated R
Summary: What if Buffy had been drawn further under Dracula's power when she drank his blood instead of resisting him?

However, once expanded the characters and ideas for this story fell silent, so I knew it was completed. This is one of the first(ish) fanfics I wrote and it was a long time before a story seemed to stick in my head again.

The second time was again a Buffy story, but in this case the story was never intended to be a "one shot." And once all the parts were completed I just couldn't see any way to expand the universe.

Wish Away My Pain - Rated R
Summary: What happens when Anya decides to redo Cordelia's original wish? This! But it's not just Anya and Cordelia making wishes here. Story begins several years after "Chosen," but fear not - there are no season seven spoilers here because we go back in time almost from the beginning. Not your typical time-travel story.
NOTE: This story is a "borderline" Buffy/AnitaBlake crossover. Some Anita characters are mentioned, but none actually show up. The story itself takes place (for the most part) in the AnitaVerse.

I actually wonder if part of the problem here was the lack of feedback. Outside of my beta, no one (to date) has commented/reviewed this story. *is sad* I was so excited to publish this one because I considered it the best fanfic I'd written to date, and no one seemed to notice or care. Seriously, it's been up since before Buffy ended, so if you (anyone reading this) have something to say about the story in question I'd love to hear it.

Anyway, again some time passed and then came a Power Ranger's fic. This one has been finished and posted for just over a year (I think) and from time to time I still find the characters and ideas dancing in my head.

Dino vs Dino - Rated PG-13 (language)
Summary: A tragic event brings old friends back together. Deciding to reconnect with all their old friends, they head out to Reefside. But Jason and Kimberly should know visiting active Rangers can only lead to trouble.
Note: The series title is (or will/would be When the Past Comes Calling:).

As you can see, originally I did have a sequel in mind here, but if I do go further the story ends badly (for the characters) and (I think) because of that I'm having trouble getting the sequel off the ground. Again, though, outside of my beta I haven't gotten any feedback for this one, but unlike the previous one I really don't believe it is the lack of feedback holding me back. It is the fact that I know the overall series would end badly and while they would have a moment or two in the sun that just doesn't seem to be enough to get me there.

Now (finally) we come to Long Gray Twilight and there are sequel ideas dancing in my head and they have been so consistant that I've all ready written two chapters of the sequel. More than any of the other stories mentioned this one just will not leave me. I thought writing those two chapters might be enough (I never really intended there to be a full on sequel), but now the ideas are expanding and it appears to be on its way to a full-blown story.

*sigh* In addition to that I'm starting to feel really guilty about the extreme update delay on Unexpected American Vacation *sigh* Maybe if I do keep going and finish this blasted sequel than I will be able to return to UAV, at least I hope so. Because I really hate that there has all ready been such a delay in an updated for UAV.

In closing, I would be deeply honored to hear what you have to say about Long Gray Twilight as well as any of my other works you felt like commenting on. Hell, at this point, I think I'd be pathetically grateful for even a flame, at the very least that would let me know my stories were being read.
Hi, I friended you back. I hope that okay. OMG! A Buffy/FK Crossover! I will read! *misses FK*

Very okay, me likey friends. ;)

Next, I suppose I should point out that the story in question is an X-Files/ForeverKnight crossover, not a Buffy/FK one, though you probably know that, I suspect typo. However, I might have caused confusion by rambling on about some of my Buffy stories. ;)

I've never done a Buffy/FK crossover - I've read some, and I could probably do a Buffy/FK crossover despite the fact that the two series' are completely different. Because I have done stories where I've merged worlds (universes) or just transplanted characters from one reality to another. Both can be fun, but they are a bit more difficult than Long Gray Twilight was. For example, in the story I'm feeling so guilty about (Unexpected American Vacation) I've transplanted Harry, Luna, and Neville into the AnitaVerse.

I think the main reason LGT story ended up happening was because I was watching X-Files and Forever Knight (and like you I miss FK too) at the same time on DVD, plus I had just recently went back and read a couple of my favorite XF/FK fanfic x-overs.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Long Gray Twlight - I enjoyed writing it, and I'm having lots of fun with the sequel, as well. ;)
Ooooooo... X-files/FK.. I'm still interested. XD Thanks for setting me straight. I might have been momentarily confused by Mulder instead of Xander, but I would have adjusted.

I almost rented season one of FK for this weekend. but went with Dr. Who instead.
HEHE! Well, Mulder is a bit like Xander, so it probably wouldn't have been a big shock. Seriously, I read a crossover sometime in the past six months with Mulder as Xander's father - I was stunned, not at the idea, but at the fact that I'd never thought of that.

I also read another (a bit longer ago) where the writer wrote the beginning of the [i]X-Files[/i] pilot with Xander and Willow instead of Mulder and Scully, which was cute.

And now that I think about it, it is interesting how easily one could fit Xander and Willow into the roles of Mulder & Scully. Not an exact fit, but still pretty close.