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Title: Long Gray Twilight (Chapter One)
Author: Emma Love (aka queenettefallon)
Beta: jhovall (aka Addie)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Is this the end? Mulder and Scully and all their allies are on the run, and their enemies are everywhere. But some of our heros will cross the border into Canada while others will not be so lucky. Can two Canadian vampires restore hope where it has faded? Especially when one of the vampires themselves is on the brink of despair.
Disclaimer: Well, of course, I do not own the X-Files or Forever Knight. The only thing I get out of this is the satisfaction of giving hope to the X-Files - hope that was sadly absent in The Truth. I walked away from that episode feeling that the world (or at least the X-Files Universe) was doomed. Now thanks to my little crossover, I feel better.
Notes: This is an X-Files/ForeverKnight in-canon crossover. This story starts shortly after the end of both shows.
At least I've done my best to keep things canonical, though I do fudge in a few places.

Note: This story came to me and went from handwritten to rough draft typed in two days. That is highly unusual for me, stranger still is that when the story came to me I was settling in to work on Chapter Four of Unexpected American Vacation. Naturally, the proofing and editing will probably mean UAV will see an update before this story ever sees the light of net.
And on the third day (during first round edits), I wrote a short interlude between chapters two and three. Hopefully, now I can get back to UAV and the LOTR/Buffy story.
Funny how things work out, I was so sure I'd get Chapter Four of UAV finished before I got this posted and it didn't happen that way.

Chapter Links:
Chapter One - Chapter Two - Interlude - Chapter Four
My rambling entry about this story

Long Gray Twilight
X-Files/Forever Knight
~Chapter One~

Former Special Agent John Doggett was fighting a losing battle along side former Special Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. For John it had been wonderful seeing both Mulder and Scully again; he had not laid eyes on them since helping Mulder escape a military prison and an unjust execution. But seeing them again had nothing to do with catching up and everything to do with UFOs and alien invasions.

Thankfully, Mulder and Scully had finally made it to Canada after escaping just over two years ago. Until now that had been the last John Doggett had heard from or about them, which was the way it had to be. Then everything changed. Before it had only seemed like Super Soldiers were everywhere, now they really were and any and all resistance to the aliens was being systematically eliminated. That included those that helped and/or supported Fox Mulder.

In the beginning, John had not believed in Mulder's quest at all. He'd felt like most of his peers, that Mulder had thrown away a promising career to chase smoke and shadows. So long ago it had only been a need to impress Special Agent Dana Scully which had kept him on the X files. Even after having a few experiences that he himself could not explain, it had still been mainly for Scully that he'd stayed.

Though belief had finally come, when evidence had mounted so high that it would take a truly foolish man to linger in denial. There had finally been too many things that simply couldn't be explained by human means. Then Mulder vanished, John knew now that it had been to collect evidence about the new threat: Super Soldiers. At the time, John was certain not even Scully had known for certain the reason Mulder left.

But when Mulder had returned in a big way, they'd all learned. He'd been captured by the military and accused of murder.

At that point, there had been no time for doubt or questions. Everyone had banded together (as they did when Scully had been ready to give birth) to free Mulder.

To this day, John still wasn't sure how those helping Mulder had managed to keep their careers, let alone their lives. But for just over two years they had, but now that was over. During those two years, John had learned enough to fear and a few times hope had left him, as well. Seeing Mulder and Scully again had restored that hope, though John could see that Mulder was slowly losing hope himself. If not for Scully holding him together, John was sure Mulder would have all ready forsaken his quest.

But now was not the time to wallow in thought. They were trapped in a Canadian forest somewhere near Québec, heading to an unknown destination, and they were surrounded by Super Soldiers. No matter how many times John unloaded his gun, they just kept coming. He was down to his last clip when time ran out.

One of them lifted Scully off her feet and was crushing her throat.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mulder finally draw a gun. This surprised John, to defeat the Super Soldiers one needed magnatite, not bullets, which was why neither Mulder nor Scully had drawn their weapons before.

The sound of the shot was muted, but to John's surprise the Super Soldier killing Scully dropped her to the ground before crumbling into nothingness.

"Traitor!" One of the other Super Soldiers hissed, and as one all the remaining Super Soldiers charged Mulder.

~ * ~ * ~

Former Toronto Detective Nick Knight stood beside Lucian LaCroix - the vampire who'd brung him across - watching three humans fight for their lives against beings/creatures he didn't know existed, let alone seen before. Stranger still was that his vampire senses had not picked up on the creatures following the humans through the woods until they revealed themselves.

Nick was absolutely certain LaCroix knew more than he was telling. They were following the humans at his insistence, after all. And in all his long years, he'd never known LaCroix to take such a great interest in mortals. His sire was currently watching the scene before them with great interest.

As one of the creatures lifted the small redhead female off the ground, he felt the pain of both males so strongly that for an instant it felt as though the pain were his own. Then he closed himself off, but he must have made some movement, because LaCroix laid a restraining hand on his arm.

"It is not over yet," he whispered so softly that Nick barely heard him.

To his surprise the lankier of the two males drew a weapon and within moments all the creatures were gone, and Nick was left more confused than ever. Never had he heard even a whisper of creatures that died in such a manner. Now his interest was as great as LaCroix.

Perhaps this was why LaCroix had insisted on Nick coming along. This listlessness had started when he turned Janette back into a vampire against her will. Janette had been his sister in darkness, until she'd found the love of a mortal and gained her mortality back.

He'd been honestly happy for her, right up until the moment she'd been fatally shot. As she lay dying, Nick brought her across again, against her wishes. Since that night he had not laid eyes on Janette again, he hadn't expected to, though he longed to see her again. But that alone had not deadened him.

It was the death of Natalie Lambert, the mortal doctor who'd spent several years trying to help him become mortal. In the end, Nick accepted his quest for mortality was futile. Natalie finally told him that he should either love her and try to become mortal again in the manner Janette had, or bring her across. He'd bitten her, with the intent to only take a little, but with that first taste all control had been lost. Before he could stop himself, Natalie was at the point of death. Nick had two choices; to allow her mortal death or to bring her across. In the end, he knew he could not condemn Natalie to his fate, so she'd passed into mortal death. What haunted Nick now was that her passing into mortal death had been against her wish. He'd betrayed both the women he loved, one wanted to suffer mortal death and the other wanted to come across.

He avoiding thinking about it when he could, because thinking too much on them lead Nick to thoughts of ending his long life. However, he still couldn't take that final step, why he couldn't say, but it pleased LaCroix.

~ * ~ * ~

John knew he should make some kind of effort to comfort Mulder, but he couldn't bring himself to move. Dana Scully was dead, it just didn't seem possible. After everything she'd been through, he couldn't believe she was gone. His heart went with her. He'd known from the moment Fox Mulder had stepped back into her life, he stood no chance with her. But as long as she was alive and well, John could accept that. He had accepted that and chosen a new life with Monica Reyes, his former partner. But now Dana Scully was gone and he couldn't imagine how he would find the strength to carry on, let alone how Mulder would.

With that thought, he glanced toward Mulder. Strange, he thought. If he didn't know better, he'd swear he was taking Scully's death harder than Mulder. But that couldn't be, he'd only loved her from afar, Mulder was her lover.

Finally, Mulder rose to his feet, and John took a deep breath. They couldn't stay here, but he had no idea how he was going to convince Mulder to leave Scully behind. Hell, he didn't want to leave her behind either, but they had to keep moving.

John frowned, Mulder was gently lifting Scully off the ground and cuddling her in his arms.

"Mulder," John finally spoke. He didn't want to do this, but Scully was dead and her body would only slow them down. They didn't have a choice. "Mulder, we have to get out of here - they'll be back."

"I know," Mulder replied softly, but made no move to release Scully. "But we can't leave her behind. You know how irritated she gets when I ditch her."

John felt his chest tighten. Was this the final straw? Had Fox William Mulder finally lost his already debatable hold on sanity?

"Mulder," John said, trying to make his tone as gentle as possible. "She's dead. I don't like it anymore than you, but she's beyond help now. I'm sure she'd forgive you."

Mulder grinned. He actually grinned, confirming without a doubt that his sanity was gone. "I know she's dead, but we can't leave her here."

John took a deep breath, but before he could even begin to speak again, Mulder continued.

"I don't know how long she'll be out for. The last time wasn't very long, but that was a different death."

"What the hell are you talking about? Dead is dead, you don't come back from that!"

Mulder smiled. "I did. So have you. And so has Scully."

John was getting annoyed now. "Mulder, there is no proof," Mulder snorted, "that I was dead, or that even you were dead. You were most likely buried alive and I was just badly wounded."

"Proof," Mulder said finally sounding testy. "Everybody wants proof because they can't believe what is right in front of them. You were dead, which is why the soul eater is finally dead. You know this. You were there!

"I was dead. Don't you think Scully, as a Doctor, would have known had their been the slightest hint of life in my body? She found none and so I was buried."

John couldn't really argue with that, but he wanted to. More often than not John didn't understand Mulder at all, and this was most certainly one of those times. Still reading through the X files and actually working on them himself told John following Mulder was right. And evidence tended to indicate that when it came to all things paranormal, Mulder was generally right. John didn't have to like it, but he couldn't exactly argue against it.

"Come on," Mulder said finally. "You said yourself we can't stay here."

John nodded. "Where are we going?"

"To meet up with Skinner, Gibson, and Monica," Mulder replied simply.

"I know that," John snapped. "But where?"

"Don't know yet," Mulder replied and John was ready to strangle him. He held back only because he still wasn't certain Mulder was completely sane. "Won't know until Krycek gives me the location."

John choked. "Mulder, Krycek is dead," he said slowly. "I was there when Skinner shot him, and despite the fact that his body disappeared, he was most certainly dead."

"I know that, Agent Doggett," at least Mulder sounded less cheerful now, for some reason that made Doggett feel better. "I see dead people."

"And, what? They pass along messages between you and your friends?"

"No," Mulder replied drawing the word out. John suspected Mulder was just screwing with him now anyway. For now he would allow it on the off chance it was helping Mulder through Scully's death.

"I'm the only one who can see them, but Krycek will know where Skinner and the others are, and he'll be able to tell me. Safer than a cell phone."

John felt the agent in him come to the front. John suspected this was because it was the only way he knew how to deal with this insanity.

"How long have you been able to see dead people?"

Mulder grinned again. "Since my death, Agent Doggett."

"Knock it off with the agent crap, Agent Mulder. My career was over from the moment I stayed with the X files."

"Yep," Mulder said sounding cheerful again, John gritted his teeth. "Biggest career killer in the FBI."

"It was the right choice!"

"Didn't say otherwise."

Mulder stopped moving and his eyes glazed over. John went for his gun, and while it clearly didn't have the magic bullets that Mulder's did, it was still better than nothing. John realized this was something else he needed to ask Mulder about.


"Problem?" John asked.

"They've got us cornered. We're trapped."

"You sure?"

"Only way out is up and since neither of us can grow wings and fly, I'd say we are screwed. Right now they're holding position, simply waiting for us to make our way to them. But that won't last long once they realize we've stopped."


"You take Scully and my dart gun. Make your way North, there's a cottage about ten miles from here. Skinner and the others will be there."

"And you?"

"I turn myself in. I am still the only one under orders for immediate termination, right?"

John nodded. They were all wanted, but none of them so badly as Mulder himself.

"Then perhaps they'll be happy with just me and that will buy you and Scully time to escape."

"No, Mulder," there was no way John was leaving him behind, for many reasons. But most importantly if he was right, Scully would kill him when she woke up. They left together or none of them left.

Or so John thought. Several hours later he was almost to his destination with Dana Scully slung over his shoulder and Mulder's gun shoved down the front of his pants. How Mulder had convinced him to do this was still a mystery.

John glanced at Scully's back. Sadly there had been no signs of life from her at all. So much so that twice along the way, he had been tempted to leave her behind. Only the slim hope that Mulder was right kept him carrying her.

Strangely enough there had been no sounds of fighting, and so John was hopeful Mulder had made it out alive. There was also the fact that John hadn't run into anyone as he made his way out of the woods. Had Mulder's ghost been wrong about them being surrounded? Possible. In that case, if he ever saw Mulder again, he'd warn him not to trust them so much in the future.

The bad news was that they would need to mount an immediate rescue, which was doomed to fail before it began. But there was no way John would leave Mulder to die.

A soft gasp brought John out of his dark thoughts. He drew Mulder's gun, and gently laid Scully on the ground.

As he scanned the surroundings, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Scully's back arch upward and all he could do was stare in shock. While he'd hoped Mulder had been right, he hadn't really believed it.

"Well, well, well," came an unknown voice from somewhere off to his left. "This is a surprise."

John aimed his gun toward where he believed the sound to be coming from.

"Come out with your hands up. I'm a Federal Agent," which wasn't exactly true, but hopefully whoever was cloaked in shadows wouldn't know that.

Multiplying his shock, Mulder stepped out of the shadows, his hands above his head.

"It's all right."

For one moment, John considered that they'd been betrayed, that his latent fear that Mulder had been working with the aliens since his abduction had in fact become truth. But in his heart he knew better, Mulder might betray everyone else, but never in a million years would Mulder betray Scully.

"Who's that with you?"

"Lucian LaCroix and Nick Knight."

"And they are?"

"On our side, at least for the moment."

John motioned with his right hand to Scully. "How did you know?"

"There was a case, several years ago," Mulder began.

"An X file?"

"Yes, though it wasn't filed as one, and no one else even suspected it was until after the fact.

"Scully was given the case with a new partner, because while Kersh thought I was a lost cause, he hoped Scully could be salvaged. Alfred Fellig was suspected of murder. And he was guilty of murder, just not the ones he was being accused of at the time. Alfred had spent a long time chasing death, but death would not come to him."

Mulder paused and two men stepped out of the shadows. One was a tall unnaturally pale blond. The other was also pale, and given his darker hair should have looked more pale than the former, but wasn't as pale as the blond. There was something strange about them, but nothing John could identify. What he could see was that they were listening to Mulder's story even more intently than he was. What was strange was they seemed accepting of the tale, while John's doubts held firm.

"Death came for him once, when he was dying originally from yellow fever. But somehow he managed to evade it, and death would not visit him again until he met Scully. Why he was suspected of murder is because he somehow knew when people would die, and he always seemed to be there at the moment of death taking pictures - hoping to find his own death. He was truly immortal, until Scully's new partner shot him. The bullet went through him and into Scully. Whether she believed or not, she did as he asked, and when it was over Fellig was dead and Scully was not."

"You're saying Scully is immortal?" John couldn't keep the disbelief from his voice.

Mulder grinned. "Yep."

The woman in question moved again, and Mulder was instantly by her side. John ignored the slight pain in his heart. After all, he was happily in love with Monica, though he knew his love for Scully might never completely be gone.

"You mentioned that she died before," the blond asked. It was the voice John heard from the shadows earlier.

Mulder nodded. "Happened while we were on the run, just after we separated," he waved a hand toward John, "she took a bullet with my name on it. It was a fatal shot. I couldn't do anything but take her back to where we were hiding. Surprisingly, I'd forgotten about Fellig. Couple hours later she was awake and the wound was rapidly healing. She wouldn't believe the shot fatal, because by the time she woke the worst of the damage was gone."

John smiled. He wanted to believe Scully was right. That was why he'd enjoyed working with her, while she could look at things with a paranormal slant, she was always first and foremost looking for the more mundane explanation. Of course, experience was teaching him, like it had taught Scully before him, that Mulder was usually right about these things.

The sound of leaves crunching caused both John and Mulder to tense. The strangers didn't seem to react at all.

They instantly relaxed when Walter Skinner stepped into the light, only to tense slightly again when he was followed by Alvin Kersh. Before the end, Kersh had hated Mulder and had done his best to cashier Mulder out of the FBI. And after John took over the X files and refused to leave once the search for Mulder was over, Kersh hadn't been fond of him either. But in the end, Kersh had risked everything to help Mulder escape his military execution.

"Sir?" Mulder asked Skinner.

"None of us are safe, Mulder," Skinner replied. "Alvin damned himself when he helped you escape. We all did."

"Where are the others?" John asked. The thought of seeing Monica again had pushed his love for Scully from the front of his thoughts.

Skinner glanced away and John knew something was wrong.

"Monica and Gibson were caught trying to cross the border. They were killed. Apparently, as Gibson could sense them, they could sense him."

Everyone but the vampires understood the them were the aliens and alien enhanced. Though perhaps the vampires had heard enough to have some clue.

"Did you know?" John turned and grabbed Mulder by his shirt. He knew his anger wasn't rational, but if Mulder had known Monica was dead and said nothing, he was going to hurt Mulder, badly.

"Neither have appeared to me," Mulder replied calmly. "Actually, only Krycek seems to hang around much anymore," when John released him, Mulder turned to Skinner. "Marita?"

"Missing," Skinner replied.

"I don't think she's dead," Kersh finally spoke, "though she might wish she were. You know yourself that she spent time before as a test subject, and given what I could find, I believe she's been made one again."

"So," Mulder said and John didn't like how flat his voice sounded. "We're it? We're all that stand between the aliens and the colonization of Earth."

"Doesn't matter," Scully said and John's heart leapt. "We've been over this before, Mulder. We can and we will find a way to stop it!"

She stood up, brushed herself off, and then extended her hand to help Mulder back to his feet. He slowly took her hand.

"How Scully?" Mulder asked, sounding like a lost child, and John wondered how Scully could stand the sound, his own heart hurt hearing that tone from Mulder. "We're exiled; our friends and allies are exiled or dead. What can we possibly do?"

"I don't know, Mulder," Scully said, softly, yet there was a ring of steel in her voice. "But we will find a way!"

That seemed to help Mulder come to himself again. He straightened up and John felt that fleeting flicker of hope again.

~ * ~ * ~


Why yes I'd love some, thank you. ;)
I will try and read your fan fic, it can however take a while though. :)
It's okay, sweetie. I know fanfic isn't to everyone's tastes, and I realize you have a lot going on right now.

I just get depressed sometimes, cause it starts to feel like no one is reading me anymore. Of course, that's not really the reason I write, but it is nice to know someone reads. ;)