Title: Long Gray Twilight (Chapter Two)
Author: Emma Love (aka queenettefallon)
Beta: jhovall (aka Addie)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Is this the end? Mulder and Scully and all their allies are on the run, and their enemies are everywhere. But some of our heros will cross the border into Canada while others will not be so lucky. Can two Canadian vampires restore hope where it has faded? Especially when one of the vampires themselves is on the brink of despair.
Disclaimer: Well, of course, I do not own the X-Files or Forever Knight. The only thing I get out of this is the satisfaction of giving hope to the X-Files - hope that was sadly absent in The Truth. I walked away from that episode feeling that the world (or at least the X-Files Universe) was doomed. Now thanks to my little crossover, I feel better.
Notes: This is an X-Files/ForeverKnight in-canon crossover. This story starts shortly after the end of both shows.
At least I've done my best to keep things canonical, though I do fudge in a few places.

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Long Gray Twilight
~Chapter Two~

Nick could feel the humans relax once they were inside, and he understood that they felt safer. It was a mistake on their part. Mulder surprised him most of all, the man in question was more relaxed than everyone else. Given how LaCroix had lifted Mulder in the air and flew him to safety, while Nick distracted the remaining creatures so Doggett could make his escape - Mulder had to have some idea what they really were. But there was no indication that Mulder suspected anything.

The cottage was plain and sparsely furnished, functional without flair. Nick had the distinct impression that they weren't going to be staying here. For two reasons; first and foremost LaCroix seemed unduly invested in the fate of the humans gathered here. Second was that this felt like a meeting place more than a living place.

Certainly, they weren't safe from the vampires inside the cottage with them, and it was debateable whether or not they were safer from the creatures after them. But Nick wanted answers and decided they were safe enough to try and get some.

"What were those things?" Nick asked once everyone seemed comfortable.

Dana Scully seemed completely recovered, though she appeared to be in shock, which if what Mulder said about her denial was true was understandable. She was seated on the small sofa against the wall and ever so slightly leaning against Mulder who was seated beside her. The other human, Doggett was seated on her other side. Though he seemed to be paying little attention, Nick suspected he was suffering from a mild case of shock himself.

While introductions had not been made, he knew enough to know that the dark bald man was called Skinner. He was seated on an old easy chair across from the sofa. Kersh had elected to remain standing and was inches away from pacing. He and LaCroix had elected to remain standing as well.

"Super Soldiers," Mulder finally answered. "Explaining them is a long confusing story. One that I don't feel like going into. Suffice it to say they are almost indestructible. They have only one weakness, anything else you can do to them will not kill them. They are here to keep down human rebellion and make way for the alien colonists."

Mulder paused and took a sip of something he'd pulled from the refrigerator.

"Long ago there were collaborators, men who saw the threat and decided that collaboration was the only option. I fought against them, but have come, at long last, to understand why they made the choice they did. Though it matters little now," again Mulder paused.

In the silence, Nick could almost feel the demons Mulder carried with him. Had he not been a vampire, he would have shivered. LaCroix, Nick could tell, was excited by the feelings coming from Mulder.

"Those men were gifted with an alien fetus so they could work on creating an alien-human hybrid. What they thought would be a slave race and offer the best chance of resistance. Almost fifty years later, they succeeded, but before colonization began, they were killed by a race of alien rebels.

"However, before that, the conspirators learned that they had been deceived by the aliens. The aliens gestate inside our bodies, effectively killing us. What they wanted was a more durable brand of human, one who could gestate more than one alien.

"The experiments continued. I know the conspirators had been working on creating their own version of a Super Soldier, but I also know they failed. When it was learned the collaborators were dead, the colonists acted. They took humans with a special condition and turned them into Super Soldiers.

"After that I came to understand exactly how bleak the future looked. Those bastards just wouldn't die no matter what was done to them," Mulder stopped.

"But you found a way?" Nick asked when it seemed Mulder would not continue.

Nick saw everyone who knew Mulder looking at him with what Nick at first thought was pity, but quickly realized it was much more than that. What did become clear to Nick in those moments was that there wasn't a human in this room who wouldn't give their life for his. Loyalty like that was becoming more and more rare as the centuries passed, but seeing it in these humans filled Nick with something remarkably like hope.

"There is one weakness," Skinner spoke. "A weakness so great that if they even try to fly their space-ships over deposits of it, the ships crash, and the Super Soldiers themselves cannot seem to even breathe the stuff without dying."

"However, that is not fool-proof, because you have to be close to them for it to work," Mulder broke in. "And getting close to them, as you've seen, is not easy."

"What about your son?" Doggett finally spoke. "Wasn't he the one supposed to defeat them?"

At this Mulder looked sadder than Nick had ever seen him look, which was saying something considering that Nick didn't know him well, but the whole time Nick had observed him, Mulder wore an expression of sadness.

"A lie," Scully whispered.

Mulder looked at Scully, and Nick had the feeling Mulder was no longer aware that there were others in the room.

"I should have known," she said, and Nick was sure she was no longer aware of an audience either. "You said it yourself, why did he let me live? Now we know. You were right. Always right."

Mulder wrapped her in his arms, "I'm sorry, Scully."

"Not your fault," Scully whispered. Then after several moments pulled herself together, and pulled away from Mulder to speak to everyone. "Mulder has no son. What he does have is another half-brother."

While that meant nothing to Nick, it was clear it meant something to all the humans in the room. Anger burst into the air, rolling off of Skinner and Doggett in boiling waves.

"But even if William were Mulder's son, it was a lie. One last effort by the collaborators to pose a credible threat. The Super Soldiers realized the lie the moment William was born. That is why they simply walked away. Of course, there are still others out there who believe the lie."

"But," Doggett tried again, "Monica said he had special abilities."

Scully nodded. "He did. He was the last attempt at creating a human controlled Super Soldier; nothing more, nothing less."

"But you said you gave him up to save the world," Skinner said. Nick could tell it just barely came out as a statement.

"I lied," Scully replied. "I had to, he wasn't safe with me. Not with all those out there who still believed the lie. As long as I kept him, he was a target. The best thing I could do for him was give him up."

"Then there is no hope," Kersh said, and Nick got the distinct impression he was voicing the thoughts of all.

Scully jumped to her feet. "There is always hope! We find it in ourselves! Not in some brand of faulty magic, or misbegotten prophecy!"

"Hear, hear!" LaCroix said.

"But what can we hope to do against them?" Kersh tried again.

"You mentioned a weakness," Nick said. "A fatal one?"

Kersh snorted. "Even if we could gather enough magnatite, there aren't enough of us to get it to all the Super Soldiers. If we had the military on our side, maybe. But we are alone."

"And that, dear childen," LaCroix announced, "is where we come in."

They all turned expectantly to him, and Nick could see LaCroix liked being the center of attention.

"There are surely enough of us to make a significant strike against them."

"Us?" Doggett asked.

"Vampires," Mulder answered, surprising Nick. While Nick knew Mulder had suspected something, he hadn't known Mulder knew the truth. "The kind even I thought didn't exist outside of fiction."

"Vampires?" Several human voices questioned at once, but one voice was noticeably absent. Nick was surprised at the lack of lack of surprise/disbelief from Scully. He had her pegged as one of those humans that could be convinced vampires did not exist without the aid of mind control. Apparently, he'd been wrong.

"Vampires," LaCroix answered, and Nick felt a flutter of fear. Never in all his years had he heard LaCroix confess to a mortal what he was. Well, that wasn't strictly true, if the mortal was to be turned or killed, LaCroix could take great delight in telling them everything about vampires.

"While we cannot move around in sunlight, we do have some advantages over humans."

"Such as?" Scully and Skinner asked at the same time.

"We are faster, stronger, and...," Nick paused. "We have some mind control abilities."

"Which will be useless against Super Soldiers," Mulder said. "Though I suppose it might aid you in sneaking up on them. It is impossible for a human to do so, and the rest is certainly useful."

LaCroix grinned. "Naturally."

"But how can we possibly gather enough magnatite without raising suspicion?" Kersh asked. "They're going to be expecting that."

Doggett and Skinner were nodding. Mulder was smirking.

"That," Mulder said, "is where the vampires come in. They'll be expecting humans, and therefore human methods. They won't be expecting something that can fly in completely under the radar. And the vampires won't have to deal with Super Soldiers, because they wouldn't even be able to guard the stuff. So all the vampires have to do is evade humans, which should be simple enough. After all, they've been doing that for a long, long time."

"And while they do that, what will we be doing?" Doggett asked, and Nick could tell the man needed something to do, or he would go crazy with grief.

"We are going to rescue Marita Covarrubias," Mulder answered. "I owe it to her, without me she never would have been in danger."

~ * ~ * ~

They were moved into LaCroix's large home in Québec before the sun rose. The house looked horrible on the outside, but was cozy and comfortable on the in side. The downside was that there were always vampires coming and going, so mostly the humans kept to themselves, though Mulder would venture out into other parts of the house when there were vampires around. But the rest of them were content to remain in their private rooms.

A pattern had developed - the first day they'd slept all day because they'd been up all night, but a week later, they were still sleeping most of the day and spending the nights awake. It wasn't so strange, John knew, even though they were upstairs and the vampires didn't make much noise, there was still enough that to make sleeping during the night difficult.

Tonight upon waking, he'd learned that some of the vampires would be returning before morning with enough magnatite to get the ball rolling.

The first night back, LaCroix had gathered and then lead vampires he trusted to gather all the magnatite they could. It was expected that in a month they would be ready for a real strike against the Super Soldiers. John couldn't wait; already it felt like he'd been waiting too long.

This probably explained why he was currently standing outside Scully's room trying to decide if he should finally solve a bit of a mystery. Part of him was eager, another part said now wasn't the time.

Even though they were relatively safe for the moment, this was still not the best time for what he wanted. But something had been nagging at John since the moment he'd seen Mulder and Scully again. And now might be the only time he'd have to talk to her about it.

She was still recovering from the other night, surprisingly more from the shock than her death.

Softly, he knocked on the door.

When he entered, he saw Scully working on what appeared to be a report, with the television playing in the background. It was almost like old times, especially since there were no lingering signs of her ill health. She was completely back to her old self.

"Mulder, I said I'd be," she said without looking, and then stopped abruptly when she turned. "Sorry, I thought you were Mulder."

"Gathered that," he replied easily.

"What do you need?" She asked.

"I'm wondering about something," he began. "And while this probably isn't the best time, we may not have a later, or at least I might not have a later."

Scully smiled, but John could see that she still had her doubts. As much as John would have liked to believe otherwise, he'd seen the evidence himself and was convinced. Mulder was right, Scully was immortal. Not the same way the vampires were, Scully was something different.

"You and Mulder," he said, then stopped.

Scully flashed him a knowing smile.

"You act like lovers, and yet..."

"And, yet, not completely," she finished for him.

"Being on the run with Mulder was an eye-opener," she said softly. "I love Mulder, I've loved Mulder for a long time, will always love him. But there were times when things were very awkward between us. They've always been there, I suppose, but it wasn't until we were on the run together that things..."

John wanted to demand she continue, but it was clear rushing her would accomplish very little, except piss her off.

"Well," she finally spoke again, "it became obvious that while we love each other dearly, had it not been for the events surrounding our coming together, things would not have worked as long for us as they did.

"On the run, we soon realized that outside of work-related talk, we had little else in common. But we were on the run together... Because of that, there could be no one else for either of us. So, we stumbled on..."

She trailed off, but John understood. Because of their unique situation, they'd remained lovers until recently. Were they still lovers? Or had they broke completely off now that they weren't isolated together?

He knew that she would answer those questions if he asked, though he thought he already knew the answers. Strange, John thought. This was what he'd been hoping for, and yet he just couldn't bring himself to go further.

He knew why, and suspected Scully knew, as well. Right now the grief from Monica's death was simply too fresh. At the moment, he just couldn't imagine trying to begin with anyone, even Scully. Maybe some day, or maybe after some time, Mulder and Scully would realize they belonged together and make things work. While that thought saddened John, it still wasn't enough to force the question.

"Thank you," he finally said the only thing he could think of to properly express himself.

Again she flashed him a knowing smile, but it quickly faded. She knew why he'd come here, but thankfully she wasn't going to force the issue.

"I'm sorry about Monica," Scully said. "Mulder was right, we should have brought you with us, but at the time, it seemed... I don't know, better to have some friends still in the FBI."

"I know," John answered with a smile. "And me and Monica believed it was the right thing to do. And besides, it wouldn't have been right bringing a child on the run with you."

"And yet it might have been safer for him, and her."

John couldn't argue with that.

~ * ~ * ~

Scully finally made it to the room they were using as a meeting room. The room was totally black, even the windows were covered with black paint, but this was the best room for everyone to gather.

Currently she was gritting her teeth as Mulder outlined his hopeless plan to rescue Marita Covarrubias for the second night in a row. Last night they'd managed to put him off, but it was sounding like that might be more difficult tonight.

It wasn't that Scully wanted to leave Marita to be tortured and finally killed, but she didn't want Mulder going off on his own. There was no doubt in her mind that if he were captured he would be killed immediately.

In typical Mulder fashion, he was insisting that he must go alone. As loathe as she was to admit it, she could see his point. A one man force did have a better chance of sneaking in, but it was foolish and she was not going to let it happen. It seemed neither was Doggett who was in Mulder's face vehemently protesting.

Scully felt a smile cross her face as she looked Doggett over. She'd long known about his crush, and had been flattered, but nothing more. She'd liked him and had wanted nothing more than for him to be happy. But she'd known he wouldn't find it with her.

First Mulder was missing, most likely abducted. Then he was dead, and then there was William. By the time she might have considered it, Doggett and Reyes seemed to be making great strides toward making something work out between them.

Actually that wasn't true, because even then Mulder had still been with her in spirit, though his body had been gone from her, off trying to learn the secrets that would save all their lives. So, she would not have tried anything with John even if Monica hadn't been there. At that time, Scully had still thought things would eventually work out wonderfully for them. Being on the run was enough to kill that dream, but it had taken another year for them to admit that being on the run wasn't their only problem.

Scully felt horrible, all things considered. Monica, her friend, had only been dead a short time, yet here she was considering moving in her territory. Of course, Monica was dead and wasn't coming back, but it still made Scully a bit uncomfortable.

"Listen to me," Mulder said after the initial objections to his plan died down, and Scully knew he would keep going until they let him go or put their foot down.

"No!" Scully said. "This discussion is over. If you won't take us with you, you will at least wait until the vampires return and take one of them with you. Do you understand?"

Mulder glanced down at the floor, and Scully knew he was trying to come up with an argument that would change her mind. Since that wasn't going to happen, she could wait.

"Scully's right," Skinner said, and she heard Mulder groan, which brought a smile to her face. She saw Skinner smile, too.

"Fine," Mulder finally snapped, throwing his hands in the air. "I understand."

"Because you know we're right?" Scully prompted.

"Fine, you have a point," Mulder said through gritted teeth, but Scully could see that he was considering the advantages of having a vampire escort with him. That was good enough for her, although, she couldn't resist driving the point home.

"Now, do I need to lock you into a coffin or will you wait for the vampires to return?"

"Vampires don't sleep in coffins," Mulder said, then pouted. Scully held firm; it was hard. Mulder could pout better than anyone she knew.

"I could always shoot you again."

"I'll wait," he said timidly as everyone else laughed.

"My, my, my," LaCroix said entering the room with a broad smile. "Such a violent lot."

"Well," Skinner said, causing Mulder to groan again. "When dealing with Mulder, one has to be willing to take extreme measures."

"Yuk it up," Mulder whined, but at least he sounded more like his old self again, which made Scully happy.

~ * ~ * ~

Note: The stuff about Scully's baby came to me as a way to explain why she was just so damn lifeless in season nine, specifically the season nine opener. I'm going on the impression that Scully had little William blood tested right away, and learned the truth between season eight and nine, and that is why she seems in no great hurry to do any testing on her son during season nine. That was very out of character for Doctor Scully, and this is how I explain it. Plus it also feeds in nicely to how it didn't seem so hard on her to give William up for adoption, and why Mulder might leave them to figure out just what the hell is going on. And why later Mulder doesn't seem to remember he has a son, instead running off to see CSM before going on the run.

~ * ~ * ~


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