Title: Long Gray Twilight (Interlude between Chapters Two and Three)
Author: Emma Love (aka queenettefallon)
Beta: jhovall (aka Addie)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Is this the end? Mulder and Scully and all their allies are on the run, and their enemies are everywhere. But some of our heros will cross the border into Canada while others will not be so lucky. Can two Canadian vampires restore hope where it has faded? Especially when one of the vampires themselves is on the brink of despair.
Disclaimer: Well, of course, I do not own the X-Files or Forever Knight. The only thing I get out of this is the satisfaction of giving hope to the X-Files - hope that was sadly absent in The Truth. I walked away from that episode feeling that the world (or at least the X-Files Universe) was doomed. Now thanks to my little crossover, I feel better.
Notes: This is an X-Files/ForeverKnight in-canon crossover. This story starts shortly after the end of both shows.
At least I've done my best to keep things canonical, though I do fudge in a few places.

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Long Gray Twilight

Scully knew what she wanted, had known from the moment turning Mulder and the others into vampires was suggested. The thing was that she simply wasn't sure how she could convince Mulder to go along with her on this. Hopefully since he'd only been a vampire one night, his lack of control would assist.

She couldn't exactly explain it, but this was something she needed. Something she had to do, because she needed proof. Mulder's word simply wasn't good enough for her, not on this. If Mulder drank her blood and killed her, then she would believe without doubt.

Scully rotated her shoulders and hoped Mulder would wake soon. It wasn't that she was tempted to back out, but that her nerves were fraying.

She thought of Mulder, he still looked the same, but something about the way he moved had changed. There was a fluidity and grace to his movements that hadn't been there before.

Unlike Mulder, she needed proof. Circumstantial evidence, which they had mountains of, simply wasn't enough for her. That was the reason she no longer doubted that LaCroix and Nick were vampires, or that vampires in general existed. The proof was right in front of her, and because Nick had spent the past few years working with an actual Doctor he could explain things in terminology that made sense to her.

And what she couldn't accept simply by looking or being told, Nick was there to allow testing. Unknown to LaCroix, Nick hadn't entirely abandoned his quest to become mortal again, and was glad to help Scully in the hopes that she might one day be able to help him, though he had admitted that he wouldn't serious pursue it until the alien threat was gone.

When she looked up from her musing, she started. Mulder was staring at her expectantly.

"Always thought we should put a bell on you, now its gonna be a must," Scully muttered, causing Mulder to smile. John and Skinner always went downstairs to feed before searching her out, so they only had a few moments. It was now or never.

"I want you to drain me, Mulder. I want you to kill me."

"Scully," Mulder breathed. "I...," he blinked. "Why?"

"I have to know, Mulder. I need to know," she replied.

"Scully, you can't ask me to do this," Mulder said, and when he looked up his eyes were glowing.

"This is the only way I'll know, Mulder," she said, and was glad her voice was still strong. His intense stare coupled with those eerie glowing eyes was a bit unnerving. "Even in the woods, I didn't feel myself die. I need to feel that, I need to know, Mulder!"

Mulder slammed his fist into the door and it flew across the room, shattering against the far wall. He was still learning how to deal with his new strength.

"Or am I not immortal, Mulder?"

"This is the only way you'll believe?"

Scully nodded.

Mulder took a deep breath. "Why me?"

"Because I trust you, more than anyone. I've trusted you with my life, and now I'm trusting you with my death."

She could see Mulder was lost, and for one fleeting moment, instinct told her to run, to escape, to live. She forced herself to remain still as his arms came around her.

He nuzzled her neck, then without warning, she felt a sharp prick and cried out. It hurt, more than she'd expected it too.

Within seconds the pain was gone, and a pleasure unlike she'd ever known rushed through her. She reached her hands up and rubbed his head. This wasn't bad, just like the thousands of times she'd snuggled with Mulder.

Her body relaxed, and Scully realized her hands were roaming over his head and back. His hands weren't moving, one was griping the side of her face and the other was on her back.

How long this went on, Scully didn't know, but finally she became aware of drums beating in the distance. Moments after, she realized it wasn't drums and it wasn't in the distance. It was her heart, beating harder and faster, struggling to live while the vampire pulled life from her.

She would have screamed, but her voice was gone. Her body too weak to protest now, even her wandering hands were resting on his head and shoulder, she couldn't twitch a finger. Stars danced before her eyes, and she realized they were closed now. This was it, she realized with a jolt. She could feel death stealing over her body, her limbs numb and her mind finally clouding.

~ * ~ * ~

Nick started forward as Mulder embraced Scully, but LaCroix stopped him. He tried to pull away, but he could not break LaCroix's grip. He wasn't sure why it seemed important to stop Mulder, except that Mulder had not yet killed, and Nick wanted to preserve that innocence.

"We cannot allow this to happen," Nick said. Maybe if he explained, LaCroix would understand. Doubtful, but possible.

"My dear, Nicholas. She wants this, and you know as well as Fox she will not die."

Nick struggled, until Mulder sank his new fangs into Scully's neck.

LaCroix released him then, and he could see that his sire's eyes were glowing with the unholy light of the vampire. When LaCroix looked over, Nick could tell from the smirk that his own eyes were glowing.

After awhile Nick could feel Scully's heartbeat speed up as death drew near. Her heart pumping faster and faster, while he fought tooth and nail, the vampire in Nick missed the kill. Watching a vampire kill, especially knowing that it wasn't fatal to the victim was almost more than Nick could stand. The vampire in him demanded to join Mulder, but Nick still had enough control to hold himself back.

As Scully died, Nick felt another vampire step into the hallway. An extremely angry one.

Almost faster than he could see, the new vampire jerked Mulder away from Scully and crashed him into the far wall. Scully slid bonelessly to the floor. Doggett held Mulder against the wall snarling.

Skinner came into the hallway and rushed to Scully's side. When Skinners eyes met his, Nick could feel the desire rolling off him in waves. Skinner wished to do to Scully what Mulder had just done. Nick subtly edged closer to them, while Scully had no blood at the moment, he wanted to make sure Scully came back as she should. He had no idea what would happen if she were killed again before she fully recovered.

"You bastard!" Doggett's snarls had finally become words. "How could you do this to her?"

Nick could see that Mulder was having trouble gathering his thoughts. First full feedings were always a bit disorienting, and having another vampire snarling in ones face didn't make it easier.

Finally, Mulder opened his mouth, and tried to explain. But Doggett was having none of it. Each time Mulder spoke, Doggett would smash his head against the wall.

The vampire in Mulder began to react, snarling back. Things were about to go very bad. Young vampires always had trouble controlling themselves, and while Mulder seemed more composed than most, he was still a young vampire.

As young vampires were wont to do, Doggett reacted with his fangs. He pushed Mulder's head sideways and sank his fangs into his exposed neck. Older vampires knew there were better ways to kill another vampire, but even they were always tempted to use fangs.

Mulder responded by sinking his still bloodied fangs into Doggetts neck.

The blood-kiss was a heedy thing for any vampire, but older vampires could control themselves, younger vampires could not. It was why it was usually years before a vampire experienced their first blood-kiss. Once the scene before them played out, Nick knew, Mulder and Doggett would have to be locked away for the rest of the night, if not the next few nights, for the safety of themselves as well as everyone else.

Skinner, sensing Nick's distraction, was now attempting to drain whatever life had returned to Scully. Nick reached down and pulled him away. Skinner reacted as Doggett had, by snarling and rushing him. But Nick was not Mulder, as Skinner charged, Nick flung out an arm, and Skinner went flying into the far wall. Nick had done so with enough force that it should keep the young vampire down for a while. Hopefully when he came to, everything would be calmer and everyone more in control.

Nick frowned. When LaCroix brought him into this little adventure with a whispered, "I've been hearing interesting rumors of late, Nicholas," Nick would never have believed things would have come out like this. He'd thought LaCroix was in this only to save himself, and his kind. Nick should have known the humans were marked from the moment LaCroix appeared to them. But after the humans had explained things, Nick had hoped LaCroix would simply help them and then when things were solved leave them be. He should have known better.

~ * ~ * ~


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