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Title: Long Gray Twilight (Chapter Three)
Author: Emma Love (aka queenettefallon)
Beta: jhovall (aka Addie)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Is this the end? Mulder and Scully and all their allies are on the run, and their enemies are everywhere. But some of our heros will cross the border into Canada while others will not be so lucky. Can two Canadian vampires restore hope where it has faded? Especially when one of the vampires themselves is on the brink of despair.
Disclaimer: Well, of course, I do not own the X-Files or Forever Knight. The only thing I get out of this is the satisfaction of giving hope to the X-Files - hope that was sadly absent in The Truth. I walked away from that episode feeling that the world (or at least the X-Files Universe) was doomed. Now thanks to my little crossover, I feel better.
Notes: This is an X-Files/ForeverKnight in-canon crossover. This story starts shortly after the end of both shows.
At least I've done my best to keep things canonical, though I do fudge in a few places.

Chapter Links:
Chapter One - Chapter Two - Interlude - Chapter Four
My rambling entry about this story

Long Gray Twilight
~Chapter Three~

The invasion was still a few years off, and Mulder fully intended to live life to the fullest until it happened. Even if they saved the planet, which was still uncertain even with the guaranteed support of the vampire nation, the world would still be changed. Once the aliens came in full view instead of lurking in shadow, everything would change and his world would never again be what it was now.

Looking out over the lights of the city, Mulder sighed. It was still dangerous for him to be in Washington. Mulder, unlike Scully, could still be killed, though admittedly he was much harder to kill these days. They all were, and thanks to them there were currently very few Super Soldiers left on Earth. But the aliens maintained enough presence on Earth that Fox Mulder, Walter Skinner, John Doggett, and Dana Scully were better off remaining missing and presumed dead.

Of course, over five years ago it had been even more dangerous for Mulder to return, but he'd felt obligated to try and rescue Marita Covarrubias. He had owed her, if not for him, she would never have been in danger. He'd given up her location and allowed Skinner to bring her to his trial.

When planning her rescue, he hadn't been sure what shape she would be in when he found her, but he knew when he found her he would do one of two things; one, beg one of the vampires to bring her across, or if necessary end her suffering by death. Sadly, it had been the latter. Whatever they'd done to her it had made bringing her across impossible. Thankfully, she had asked Mulder to end her suffering; otherwise he knew he would have spent his long life regretting her death.

But the plus side was that the true deaths of Alvin Kersh and Marita Covarrubias allowed them to leave a few bodies around for their enemies to find. The vampires tried to turn Kersh, but he'd chosen to go through the door and not return as a vampire. It was a choice Mulder could certainly understand.

He felt Skinner step out on the balcony behind him. He was grateful his former boss, and current lover, had come with him on his travels, and was now by his side in Washington. Though it was now clear that Skinner hadn't come across as the exact same man he'd been before. It wasn't a drastic change, but it was still a change. Of course, Mulder knew that he himself wasn't entirely the same either.

"Were you offered a choice?" Mulder was curious, but had until now managed to refrain from asking. It was considered by all vampires to be a deeply personal question. Somewhere above him, he felt the presence of two vampires; one was his sire, and he suspected the other was Nick. According to LaCroix, he'd picked up this vampire trait faster than most.

Skinner didn't pretend to misunderstand the question.

"Yes. Weren't you?"

"No," Mulder finally admitted it. The secret he'd been keeping since that fateful night. "I wasn't given one, I was rejected because my purpose and my destiny were not yet fulfilled."

Skinner looked stunned. Mulder understood, it was unheard of that one wasn't given a choice at the moment of their turning.

"Do you know why?"

Mulder nodded. "The guardian kindly explained things to me. Alfred Felligs gift was meant for me, not Scully. Strange that none of them saw that twist coming. Clyde Bruckman knew it the moment he laid eyes on her."

In the silence, Mulder felt his sire and Nick land on the balcony beside them.

"But didn't he also say you were supposed to die from autoerotic asphyxiation?"

Mulder grinned. "It was implied, but as Scully pointed out years ago, he didn't actually say I would die that way. What he said was that he could think of worse ways to go, but not a more undignified one. Turns out Scully was right and wrong, she thought he was yanking our chains, turns out he was only yanking mine."

"Is it possible," Skinner asked, "that because you've died twice, and at some point in the future will die yet another day, this Bruckman simply couldn't see your death?"

Mulder shrugged. "Possible. Though he did see me die. At the hands of our suspect, which was only averted because Scully got on the wrong elevator."

"He warned you?" Nick asked. He seemed surprised, which surprised Mulder. Despite Nick having worked with law enforcement and being a vampire, he seemed to have very little knowledge or experience with the paranormal. Though it was somewhat common knowledge that those who could see the future rarely, if ever, tried to meddle with it.

"Yes, but it wouldn't have changed the outcome. His knife was at my throat, if Scully hadn't shot him..."

"How's John?" Skinner asked finally breaking the silence.

"He and the lovely Dana are well," LaCroix answered. "They are also very eager to see the two of you again."

"Soon," Mulder said. He was rather eager to see them again himself. Mulder had left because he wanted to see and explore as much of the world as he could, but for the past sixth months, he'd been feeling the need to return. At least he would have just under two years to spend with his 'family' before the final battle began. Of course, there were other things, last ditch plans which would need to be made in the next few years, so it probably wouldn't be an entirely relaxing time.

"I need to make sure that we are still, for all intents and purposes, dead," he finished absently.

"Dana has discovered that some people, from UFO groups or something, believe you are still alive," Nick said.

Mulder nodded. "I know. They aren't important, but it would be prudent to make sure those who believe I'm alive are being wrote off as whack jobs. We need the element of surprise."

For a fleeting moment, Mulder found he missed Kersh terribly. Having him around would make getting into certain places easier, since he'd had even higher access than Skinner. Thinking of Kersh made Mulder think of John. Within days of coming across, Mulder and John had shared what vampires called a blood-kiss. Mulder knew from that sharing that Doggett had almost made the same choice Kersh did. The temptation was understood, the chance to be with Monica again would be enough, but he also had a son on the other side, harder than Monica to resist.

Mulder had actually been touched upon learning why Doggett came across. So much so that the rage which should have followed their violent sharing did not come upon him. John hadn't made his choice simply for the chance of being with Scully, though admittedly that had been a factor. The real reason he'd come across was because he knew Mulder needed him, and everything else was simply icing on the cake. Somewhere out there, he hoped Monica and John's son understood and approved. He was sure Monica would, but couldn't say about the son.

"I was not given a choice my second time, either," Janette said as she joined them on the balcony holding what would look to anyone else like a glass of wine. Mulder felt the surprise rolling off of LaCroix and Nick. He understood, Janette had told him that long ago LaCroix was the one to original bring her across. Finally, by pure chance, she regained her mortaily. She hadn't had it long, because she'd been shot and Nick brought her across again, against her wishes.

"Had I been like you, I would not have chosen to come across," she finished.

Her words got Mulder sharp looks from the others. He shrugged.

"I was tired. I've been fighting for a long time, had been fighting for over a decade. If not for Scully I would not have continued much past my trial. But Scully refused to let me give up, let me rest. Becoming a vampire has given me, pardon the pun, a new lust for life, but I suspect even that will be fleeting. No, even knowing what I know now, I would not have chosen to return, which is why I wasn't given the choice."

Janette nodded. "I'm not sure why I was rejected, but I suspect it has to do with the fact that knowing what I knew, I still chose to take a human life. Perhaps the reason I made that choice did not matter." Mulder just loved listening to her voice, he could happily listen to Janette's unique accent for hours and hours. Of course, it wasn't just her accent that Mulder liked. Generally she dressed and looked like a goth queen, but she pulled it off where most pasty faced youths simply could not. Her dark hair made her seem even paler than you average vampire, and yet there was never a time she didn't look beautiful.

"I am hopeful helping you," she snuggled in the crook of Mulder's arm. "Save the planet will balance the scales and allow me to find peace."

"Janette," Nick spoke, voice full of regret.

Janette turned to him with a soft smile.

"I hated you. For many years I hated you. But I understand, better than you, I think, why you chose to bring me across against my wishes."

"He was jealous," LaCroix snapped as though anyone but a fool would doubt that.

Janette shook her head. "Perhaps a small part of him was. But for as long as Nickoli has been alive, he has always known I was in the world somewhere. I was immortal and as long as that was true, we would see each other again. Then suddenly I was no longer immortal and like a parent with their child, he could not stand the thought of the world without me in it. When I finally understood that I forgave you, but I wasn't ready to see you again, until now."

Nick looked floored, but Mulder understood everything she was saying.

"You should not be so upset, LaCroix," she continued. "Because of that, you got your son back. When he realized he'd rather have me live as a vampire rather than dead as a mortal; he knew the hypocrisy of his own quest to be mortal."

"Yes," LaCroix said. "And for that I am eternally grateful, but it wasn't an easy road. He tried to turn that doctor friend of his and failed..."

"At which point," Nick continued. "I wanted to die. To finally be allowed mortal death. LaCroix refused to allow that, and I couldn't find the strength within myself to march into the sun. After awhile the urge to die faded until it vanished completely."

There had been a time in his life that Mulder wouldn't have been able to understand where Nick was coming from. After all, from his point of view there would have been nothing not to like about being a vampire, except the lack of sunlight. And what was sunlight when considered against eternity?

Now he knew better, becoming a vampire only gave you something different to think about, something different to focus on for a little while. But it didn't change, at the core, who you really were. Once the novelty wore off you returned to where you were before. According to Janette, it could take centuries for the novelty to wear off, but it always wore off eventually. Then, according to her, one needed something else to hang on to, otherwise eternal life became unbearable.

Mulder looked out over the lights of the city again, while his new family started the mending process.

He did know what the immediate future held for him, but like everyone else he had no clue what was in his long-term future. Perhaps once the threat was gone, he would find the zest for life again. At the moment, he couldn't remember ever having had it, but was sure at one point he had. Standing here now, the thought of continuing past the end of his life-long quest did not feel as absurd to him as it would have even a few days ago.

~The End~

Final notes: For once I've tried to write a fanfic which stayed completely within canon bounds. Granted the implication at the end of Forever Knight is that Nick is dead, but since we don't actually see LaCroix stake him, you could argue that LaCroix did not kill him. Still that was the only thing I purposely fudged on.

That is the ONLY reason why Natalie, Vachon, and Tracy are not in this fic. I love Natalie and Vachon, and there were a few places where Tracy could have slipped perfectly into. Also, I would have loved to have Scully and Natalie interacting, but I didn't want Natalie to be a vampire, and given the way Forever Knight ended that would have been the only option. So, in the end I decided against breaking canon. After all, there will be other fanfics.

Of course, if you are one that feels Mulder and Scully lived happily ever after, despite being on the run for their lives, you won't find this story to your liking. Though I did try to include their deep abiding love for each other, I still broke them up. You also probably didn't like the story if you loved Monica and/or Gibson. In the case of Monica, I don't really like her, but that wasn't the only reason I offed her. Basically I wasn't sure what to do with her, and a short story doesn't need a lot of characters just shoved in it just for the sake of having them there. With Gibson, I just wasn't sure how to deal with him; his power. So I offed them.

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Yay, my name is on there ;)

Of course it is. You deserve much credit for having to go through and correct so many mistakes.

Honestly, I do go through and proof before sending any story off to anyone else, but I'm always amazed by how much I manage to miss.

Seriously, there are times when I feel the story is almost error free and my beta will have little to do, and those (almost) always end up being the ones that come back with more corrections.