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Okay, I'm not completely dense (though sometimes it seems that way, I know), and I think I get the general idea, but I'd like to be sure I'm on the right track.

As I've mentioned in a couple past entries I've been reading Fandom_Wank again and I've seen "hate meme" come up a couple times.

Now I now what a meme is, and assume a "hate meme" is much the same, only with (you know) hatred. But sometimes the logical conclusion isn't the correct one, so I was hoping to get an explanation from someone who knows for sure what a "hate meme" is.

No, I'm not planning to make one or even go play on one, I'd just like to know what the bleepin' hell people are talking about when they mention or talk about someone doing a "hate meme."
I have no idea!

And dammit, now I'm curious as hell!
Well, I guess we'll never know, since no one has stepped up to answer the question.

Or maybe I was right with my guess and everyone thinks I all ready know and answering would be redundant. ;)

I actually Googled "hate meme" and came to this page, so I thought I could share the definition of a hate meme.

A hate meme is basically, at least in LiveJournal terms, when one LJer makes a post in his or her LJ stating that anyone who feels inclined can post about something or someone they hate in the comments. The rules are stated in the original post: the poster should remain anonymous (although some people think it's cowardly to do so and refuse to post anonymously), can comment about Real Life, fandom, people, things, worries, insecurities, etc. It's basically an invitation to rant anonymously about whatever is bothering you.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time hate memes escalate to dangerous fandom wank territory because people often choose to rant about people in fandom they don't really like. And they do it anonymously, so if the person finds out, he or she is rightfully hurt and doesn't know who has hurt him or her. Basically, things can get pretty messy. I like to steer clear of them most of the time, and I have never participated -- but sometimes it's just too interesting not to look away. Haha.
What do you know, I was on the right track. I just figured it was something like that. Anyway...

Thank you, because I was beginning to think maybe I was actually wrong, but no one was answering because no one wanted to admit they actually knew.