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WOW! Two entries in one day... I think I may be bored.

Laurell K. Hamilton and company are at it again. You know I think the Fandom_Wank people summed it up nicely. Hamilton wants to be Anne Rice, or probably thinks she is Anne Rice. What a nice role model Hamilton has there.

*sigh* I've got to remember to start checking F_W again, but I kinda stopped when it seemed that F_W was only showcasing H/Hm wank and completely ignoring it when other shippers from HP wanked. Honestly, for awhile there you'd think none of the other HP shippers wanked if you were only checking out F_W.

Anyway, Hamilton pulls it all out with the blog to her haters!
My characters are real to ME. If you don't like it, don't read it. My sales figures support me (I.E. all those email lurkers are on MY SIDE!). I'm being stalked by my haters - stalked, I tell you! I'm no ones fan-girl, but I have plenty of fangirls, which proves I'm talented! I refuse to kill characters, because they are real to me and I LOVE THEM. My writing is too intelligent for you mundanes to ever understand!

You know at least Rice never comes across as a crazy fan-girl. Don't get me wrong, she comes across as crazy, but at least she doesn't pull out all the typical fan-girl excuses/reasons! Also, I think (but I can't be absolutely sure) that Hamilton is doing a bit of Rowling bashing in that blog. Not that I haven't bashed Rowling myself, but coming from another famous(ish) writer that just seems kinda tacky to me. Honestly, read the part about killing characters and see what you think. Also, the part about reading boring old writers who plot things out, granted she doesn't word it that way, but that is basically what she's saying without all the pretty words.

Of course, there is one nugget of truth in the whole which sprang from her lips (er, fingertips) - then I have failed you as a writer. Sorry, but it was just kinda nice to see her say it, even if the overall gives the impression she's blaming the reader for interrogating from the WRONG prespective!

And it isn't that I hate (or at least it wasn't that I hated) any character. But I do think the Anita books need a good culling - there are TOO MANY characters and she just keeps adding more. But most people I've seen talking about killing characters want Hamilton to kill one that will shake things up, not just because they hate that character. We think Anita needs shaking up and the cast needs culling - so it's a case of killing two birds with one stone!

Yes, I know she asked her haters stop reading, but since I didn't completely hate Danse Macabre (the last Anita novel) I thought I read the spoilers and see if the next book sounded like something I wouldn't completely hate.

And from the tidbits she dropped I'm thinking the next book will be an Incubus Dreams (which I loathed, more than ANY other Anita book). I know most people hate and loathe Narcissus in Chains, but honestly I didn't completely hate all parts of an Anita book until Incubus Dreams. And even then if it hadn't been for all the rampant continuity glitches I probably wouldn't have loathed all of ID.

Anyway, moving on...

Edward and Olaf (why-oh why would Olaf even be considered a threat to Anita? *sigh* I know other people think he is, but with as super powerful and super special as Anita is now, I just can't see Olaf, an ordinary human - okay, he's a loon, but he's still nothing more than a human - could present Anita with a legit threat, unless he killed off some of her friends, and clearly that isn't going to happen.) are coming to town and (you'll love this) Anita bangs three characters she's never been with before - see, I told you you'd love it.

Now call me crazy, but she mentions Edward and Olaf, then later she says Malcolm is back on stage, coming to the all powerful Anita (and Jean-Claude) for help. Hmmm, I think I've guessed the three characters: Edward, Olaf, and Malcolm. She'll heal Olaf of those crazy urges he has with her CoD therefore making him a productive member of the human race. Whatever Malcolm needs help with Anita will solve it by sex... As for Edward, I admit that I'm not sure Edward is one of the guys, because Hamilton has said Anita and Edward would never have sex. Of course, she's said many things she's since contridicted, but for whatever reason I never thought she'd have Anita do Edward. No it's not that I hate E/A, I actually shipped E/A back in the day... Maybe that's why I think she won't do it, because I might actually buy the book just to see Anita/Edward sex, as badly done as it will no doubt be, as a A/E shipper I'd still probably want to see it.

If it's not Edward, he'll probably bring Peter with him and Peter will be the one Anita does the wild thang with. After all poor little Peter was raped in OB and no doubt needs to be healed by sticking it in the CoD (cunt of doom). Wow! I managed to type that word out without freaking myself

One last thing, one of the reasons I think TH will be an ID for me, is because given the tone of the spoilers I think we'll see DramaQueen Nate again and ID is the book that made me hate Nate, before that I kinda felt sorry for him, but not anymore and the last thing I want to see is more NateWhining! GAH! The old Anita would have all ready shot him or at the very least kicked him out of her bed! Well, okay, the old Anita never would have went to bed with him in the first place.

Okay, now I'm off to check out Hamilton snark boards - they've got to be having fun with this and I want to play!

Reposting what I said here to this entry, because I did say different things and decided I wanted to include those things here. If you came here from the TRA, then you've all ready read the following and can skip the rest of the entry.

~ ~ ~

One of the wereanimal groups will betray Juan-Carlos, and Juanita.

I wouldn't get excited, it's probably the wolves. Lead, of course, by Richard and will of course be shown to be an insane idiot for not supporting AB and JC.

*sigh* Where are the days when I could happily bitch because I felt Richard wasn't a good person to be leader of the wolves. Seriously, back in the day I found myself thinking he (and the wolves) would be happier if he stepped down and let that chick (or someone else) be leader.

Now... Well, now I find myself wishing that RAZ would bitch-slap Anita and prove that he is, in fact, the best man for the job. Never happen, of course, but now I want to see it.

Seriously, what other group would it be? Micah's cats? In the minds of anyone logical, that would be the one group that would make sense, but honestly do you believe Hamilton would go there? I don't. The rats would have been my second choice, except most of them have pretty much pronounced Anita their Queen and thinks the sun shines from her blessed cooch. So unless writer has forgotten about that, I doubt it'll be the rats. Is possible she's forgot, after all she has forgotten many things over the series, but she seems to like Ronnie bashing almost as much as Richard bashing these days and since Ronnie was all involved with a rat... Still possible she'd forget...

Moving on... I will concede that there is one other group it might be; the independant shifters, we haven't seen much of them so it wouldn't be a logic gap for them to rebel. But I still think it's far more likely to be the wolves (or at least a group of wolves lead by RAZ, while the good wolves, of course, stay with Anita and JC) so there can be more Richard bashing. YAY! I mean seriously whatever group it is they will be in the wrong and Anita will learn nothing other than she's right and those who oppose her a wrong Wrong WRONG!

And, oh joy! Guys we were wrong, we thought Marmee Noir was a bad guy and would hurt Anita and the good guys. We were wrong (surprise), Marmee Noir is training Anita to take her place and in the near future Anita will (despite not being a vampire) be crowned Queen of the Vampires. Then she'll (no doubt) desolve the VC and be declared (cause obviously our little Mary Sue can't promote herself) Queen of all the Supernatural. See, it's not her fault others promote her, it's NOT HER FAULT, damn you all!

Um, I know I didn't comment on everything and believe me I have things to say on most of it, but most of the things I didn't comment on here are things that I commented about in a rather long LJ entry.

What I didn't say and probably should have is what Snow White and the 7 Lost Innocents said. "Okay, don't throw anything at me, but I can see the basic point she is making. She doesn't understand why people would continue reading if they hate it so much. I sort of feel that way, too."

But, you know, there are hints (no matter how small) in each of the books (with the exception of ID) that things could return to previous glory. And I honestly think that is what has kept people hanging on by a thread. Remember back during and after Cerulean Sins (and I think Incubus Dreams) there were many people saying "these books were transition" and they firmly expected things would level out (and become good again) in just a few books. Wonder if they are still saying that?

Um, anyway, of course, I stopped even lurking at her message board and I certainly wouldn't go to a book signing. So while I do still talk (snark) about her I don't do it to her face. Yes, I know, this is over the internet so none of it is actually to her face, but I'm not going to her message board or blog and saying these things is my point. Where I know others are, and I mean I can understand that they want to feel like they are expressing their unhappiness in a venue where writer might notice. However, I can understand why Hamilton doesn't understand why those (haters) continue to post when she (no doubt) thinks she's made it clear things aren't gonna change. And I can see why she'd be especially preplexed that people would come to her book signings just to tell her the books suck. To be honest, that last one kinda stumps me. I wouldn't want to add to the head count.

PS - I'm gratified to see that some of the troos were a bit upset over the NateSpoilers... Of course, her little reassurance does nothing to make me feel better. But it was nice to see that even the troos were a bit bothered by them. Perhaps proving they aren't all mindless drones. Okay, that was a bit mean of me, but honestly most of them do give the impression that they don't ever think about anything.

~ ~ ~

Mainly I just want to keep all my Anita comments because I want to see how many of these things I'm speculating about will prove true. And I want it all in one place so if I feel like making a "I called it" post, I can link back to the place where I did, in fact, call it.
*laughs* I stopped reading her books years ago, because she didn't seem to have any idea in mind as to where she was going with them...they just kind of rambled and added more characters, and the whole thing seemed like a sitcom that had gone on too long. (I'm fresh! I'm edgy! I'm not at all desperate! Here, meet Bob! Bob is new and sexy and scary!) Anyway, her post really strikes me as kind of unprofessional. I dunno why. It makes me hope, if I ever get famous, I'll just shut up when people criticize me, because there really is no justifying yourself. But you know what? I'd probably be every bit as whiny. And I'd take pot-shots at her and Robin Hobb for not allowing fanfiction, too. That high road looks like too much work. *g*
To be honest, I really (and I mean REALLY) enjoyed the books up to Blue Moon and even then Obsidian Butterfly wasn't all bad. I just... Well, OB was the first book that was really riddled with errors (spelling, etcs), but more importantly (to me) was the softening of Edward. The reason I loved Edward was because he was pretty much borderline crazy, but somehow still managed to hang on to his sanity if only by a mere thread.

Seriously, I didn't mind the sometimes soap/sitcom feel - I don't mind if a story isn't completely tight (in terms of plot) because sometimes it is a nice break (between action) to see "a day in the life" type thing (most sex scenes are included in this). But when a writer starts forgetting basic things about the Universe and characters - well, that's where I draw the line, especially if I'm paying to read.

Of course, because I'd stuck with and loved the AnitaVerse for eight books, I kept hanging on much longer than I should have (ID broke the camels back), mostly because there were hints that the series would turn around. Not many, but a few. Of course, with ID I realized that was a pipe-dream.

As for a writer responding to critics - I can understand it. More often than not they look insane doing it, but I can understand a writer deciding enough is enough and shooting off a response! My problem is when a writer writes off every critic as being stupid, especially when a large number of the critics are actually long-time fans. Something both Rice and Hamilton have done.
To quote my icon:

What the FUCK????

I couldn't even read all of that. It was making me ill. She really needs someone to tell her that she's full of shit. Seriously. First off, I get the overall point, that of if you don't like it, don't read. But these were loyal readers at one point, readers that loved the Anita-verse, as I once did. I wanted Anita to sleep with, and fall in love with, JC, because I was. Richard, meh. But still, he was an interesting character, walking that line between respectable teacher and Ulfic. Conflict, you know.

And I wanted that tri so badly in NiC, I could taste it. What we got in ID sucked, and not in a positive, life-affirming way. What we got was Anita, who at one time refused to have sex with either Richard or JC, banging every guy in sight. Asher, I could understand. That made sense. Even Nate made sense, in its own way. Jason was inevitable, and should have been a one-off. Notice that I'm sticking to the core cast.

If she really believes that we wouldn't care that she killed off one or more of the guys, then she's truly beyond the beyonds. Of course we'd care. We'd be back in droves wanting to know how it affects Anita and the others.

When Anne Rice made Lestat as strong as one of the First Brood, that made sense. Of course it would be Lestat, with his recklessness and arrogance that would end up with powers that he didn't fully understand. All he did was become stronger over the years, as they all did. Rice's mistake was carrying the Chronicles farther than it should have gone. Other than that, the Lestat that we met in The Vampire Lestat was the one that we saw in Blood Canticle. Basically unchanged. That was one thing that Rice was good at. Continuity of her characters. They changed with time, but they were recognizable. I don't know what Hamilton is doing to hers, but they are not the characters that we fell in love with. That she can't see that is a shame. That she won't is even worse.

K, I've ranted enough, SUN

Happy New Year!!
Sometimes there is no such thing as too much rant. ;)

Anyway, I agree, as much as I hated Richard (back then) by the time NiC came around I wanted the tri too, damn it! Totally agree that what we finally got in ID sucked. After reading ID I said that scene felt like Hamilton suddenly realized she had promised readers a tri and so felt like she had to shit something out and then expected we'd (the readers) would be happy with it. I also remember saying that she'd have been better off to simply start the scene and then fade to black. At least then we (the reader) could fill in the blanks and would (most likely) have been far happier than having to read her half-assed effort.

Also, didn't mean to make it seem as though I was painting Hamilton and Rice with the same brush - only their interactions with fans are truly similar. Because as you've mentioned Rice can write. Hell, Rice can even break the rules of her own universe and make it make sense, something that very few writers can actually do well. Granted I didn't always love what she done (after TotBT anyway), but at least you could tell that she new her universe and characters.

Hamilton says her characters are real to her, but they twist and change every time she picks up a pen. That's why even those that felt real to me once upon a time no longer feel so. Rice's characters (as you said) were overall very consistant - so much so that many things she wrote were repetitive, but that's going into a Rice rant, so I'll stop.

Mostly the best I could complain about Rice is that she left characters out. There were characters I would have loved to learn more about, but the ones she chose to expand on were ones that (for the most part) I felt we knew well enough.
Okay, there are quite a few things in MtD that I could gripe about. Such as all the skeptics (not Lestat) suddenly assuming that what Lestat said and experienced was totally true or even if it was true from Lestats pov that meant the Devil himself was telling the truth/showing things like it was. I was real disappointed in that, because it just seemed like a couple of those characters (David and Armand, for example) should have been more skeptical.

Back to Hamilton, I even agree that Anita having sex with more than Richard and Jean-Claude was inevitable. Also like you I knew Asher would be one, also Jason (I even thought Jason might be more than a one-off) and Nate (though admittedly I expected Nate to be a few books/years off). Worse still, I guess is that originally I didn't think the ardeur was THAT bad an idea/plot device. I thought it would be something that would make her grow. Show her that all sex wasn't evil, but I did expect her to have a bad experience or two. Or if not that, then I thought the ardeur would stip Anita bare and send her to hell (so to speak). Then when she hit rock bottom, we'd see her realize (understand) how far she'd fallen and be pulled into her journey again as she pulled herself back up/together.

But neither has happened. The ardeur, no matter how much writer and character piss and moan, is NOT a bad thing. Until Anita rapes or is raped (and the author admits it) by someone, I will not be convinced the ardeur is bad to Anita. Seriously, all it is doing is allowing Anita to have sex with everyone she wants to and allows her not to feel guilty about it. So, how exactly do author and character get away with complaining? Jean-Claude needs to smack a bitch. Of course, JC has needed to smack a bitch since Blue Moon, but back then I could totally understand why he did not.

One of these days I'm gonna write that fic - one where Jean-Claude is actually behind all Anita's changes (and happily cheering over her fall from grace), because he's been subtly drawing her into his world all this time, merely waiting until she danced to his tune. Yes, I love JC and that's why I want to give him his balls back.