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Well, last night was New Years Eve, DUH! And I f-locked a post yesterday for really no reason. Well, I was all ready celebrating and I guess in my state I thought it would take longer for me to recover and didn't want someone replying and then thinking I was just ignoring them. And don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect today, but it isn't as bad as I was expecting it would be.

Anyway, I've now unlocked yesterdays entry and the one before that. I'm still not sure why I thought locking yesterdays was a good idea, but I do know why I locked the one before that. But have now decided what the hell! I now think my reason for locking that one was kinda silly, as well, because I doubt I have people just watching this journal waiting to rail at me. And if I do... Well, bring it! And if you're going to troll me, all I ask is that you be interesting. I.E. Please refrain from doing the tired trolls that have been done a million times before - that bores me.


PS - I noticed that I stopped doing the monthly birthday thing. So if I missed your B-Day I'm terrible sorry - I will try to do better, but to be perfectly honest I kinda knew this would happen.
Happy new year. :)