And not WOW in a good way.

Okay, I have a sick twisted sense of humor myself, but if I signed up for a giftfic thingie I would be a bit miffed over getting a gift like the following myself. Why? Well, because (whether I liked it or not) I would bust my ass to write what my giftee requested and naturally I would expect the same curtesy in return.

That is why, as a general rule, I don't sign up for fic exchanges or random challenges, because in ANY fandom (not just HP) there are pairings/characters that I know I would not be able to write. But with HP, for example, if I was a gifter and my giftee wanted a fluffy romantic H/G fic - there is simply no way I could do it. I'm not saying I couldn't write H/G at all, just that it wouldn't be at all romantic and would end badly, which if the person wanted fluffy H/G wouldn't be what they wanted.

Where is this coming from? harry_holidays
Title: SQUICK the Halls (WARNINGS - necrophilia, death fic, chan, bloody-play, scat, water-sports, sub-dom, dub-con and non-con...
Might go without saying, but this fic is rated NC-17)

For the record, it isn't the fic itself that bothers me, while I've never written scat and water-sports I've written things that would squick people. What gets me about the whole thing is that they (the fic authors) KNEW going in they were writing something that the giftee had specifically said wasn't wanted and therefore wasn't likely to be taken well.

Worse still is the giftee, who was naturally less than amused, is taking shit for lacking a sense of humor and not taking the whole thing in stride. Gee, I can't imagine why. If the giftee hadn't said what they didn't want, then I could understand being miffed, but the giftee clearly stated what was not wanted and the gifters clearly saw it. I might be more understanding of the gifters IF there had been a non-squick fic along with the squick fic. Whenever I give a gag-gift, I also have a non-gag gift for that person. Which I thought was just plain common sense.

Edit Note: *sigh* As I said here, I really should check F_W more often. I didn't quite realize just how large the WankSpolsion over this was.
Anyway, after seeing such, I returned here to say that I don't blame the Mod(s) of harry_holidays for any of this. Yes, I know there's nothing in this entry to suggest I did blame them in the first place, but considering the WankSpolsion I thought I should spell this out in black and white. How could the Mod(s) know that the people in question didn't know each other well? All things considered I can honestly believe the Mod thought the fic was just a joke between friends. Hell, I can't even knock the mod (or anyone else) who left positive feedback about the fic, because again how could she/he/it know it wasn't all in fun?
PS - Link to the above fic no longer works and (outside of F_W screen-caps) I really have no idea where to find the fic in question anymore. Not that it really matters, I wasn't planning on reading it again anyway, but this entry doesn't make much sense without it.