I don't have many new fics, but I decided to go ahead and put up the ones I do have.


The HP Het/Gen List has been updated with five new fics.
The HP A-L Slash List has been updated with one new fic.
The HP M-Z Slash List has been updated with three new fics.
The CrossOver List has been updated with two new fics.
The DailyShow/ColbertReport list saw only an update to E Pluribus Unum which has posted four new parts since I last updated.

NOTE: That some of the older WIPs the number of chapters may or may not have changed - I haven't gotten around to checking them all. Plus, I tend not to update the number of chapters until I've read the new chapters, because if I update the number without reading I'll forget where I left off.

I suppose you can consider this my Christmas gift to you all... It's all I have to offer.

Happy Holidays to all - and to all a good night!

PS - I snuck in one more het story in this update: Parvati Prevails - great story!
Also, one more slash story: Serpent in the Ministry by crucio_4_coffee.