So last night the family decided to cruise around the county and check out all the decor.

I (we) was disappointed. Seriously, we went to one town and while there were some, there weren't many. Waste of gas!

Then we went through a smaller place, again there was some, but not many.

Finally, we went to the largest town and that was more like it... For at least one road. Outside of that one lone road there was still more decor than anywhere else we'd been, but not as much as I was expecting (hoping for).

So, we headed back home and come through a few small towns which also had a few, but not many.

Then FINALLY we were back in the town just before mine. Those people decked out, but apparently MY TOWN is the best. Seriously, just over the hill we've got a house as decked out as ours and down the road we've got X-Mas Heaven (the house, the roof, the yard!)... I can't explain really, you'd have to see it. But THAT'S CHRISTMAS. And as much as I love decor, I'd never be able to do that much. Honestly, that took some landscaping skills in addition to much patience and determination. Was wonderful to see, but I don't think my temper would allow me to go as far as that. And then a couple miles down the road there is another house that is as decked out as ours. Not to mention all those that are decorated, but simply didn't go as far out as some of us did.

Anyway, it was just interesting that we did all that driving and we might as well have stayed within a five mile radius of our house, because that is (honestly) where the most decked out houses (yards) were. Well, the ones that were decked out in those other places were (generally) worth seeing, but I still think for the amount of gas used it wasn't worth it.