Okay, I posted this just before Christmas and locked it down so as not to SPAM my f-list. Since we are now over a week into the new year I am unlocking it. Hopefully, it's far enough back that it won't annoy anyone on my f-list. If you've scrolled back far enough on your friends page to see this - sorry. I guess I could have wrote this up and posted to a website and linked from there, but that just seemed like an awful lot of work.


My Friending Policy

Okay, I finally decided to come up with one of these things, though I still don't think it will ever be that big an issue.

Anyway, at present (Dec. 2006) if you friend me, I friend back. It's just that simple.
Update December 2010: As I said, at first I was friending like crazy that has slowed down, and I no longer friend empty journals - I don't mind being friended by empty journals, I just don't see a reason to friend back empty journals.

I also have some people friended that have not friended me back. That's cool for now and I know I have at least two people friended that will probably NEVER friend me back. However, one day my mutual flist might grow and if that does happen, I'll probably have to go through and defriend some that haven't friended me back.

The friending back of people who friend me will probably also change if my flist grows. There are just some things I'm not interested in, though at present all on my flist do have something interesting to me. But if you do friend me and I haven't friended you back it's either because I haven't got around to friending you back yet or your LJ doesn't have something of interest to me - unlikey, but possible. However, I think anyone who friends me would have something in their LJ that would be of interest.

Will that's all for now. Seems hardly worth the entry, but I notice a lot of people have a "friends policy" and I thought I should probably post one too.

Overall I give my journal a rating of R.

However, occationally I will make a NC-17/XXX post. So you should ONLY friend me if it is okay/legal for you to view adult material.
Update December 2010: I have figured out how to make friend groups, which means a person of any age is free to friend me now, they just have to comment specifically if they are old enough for everything.

Again, so far this has not been a problem, so much so that I haven't locked down the few NC-17/XXX entries. But if my journal starts getting more attention (doubtful, but possible) I will start f-locking the NC-17/XXX entries, which is why I say don't friend me unless you are legal for adult material.

Everyone is welcome to comment in my LiveJournal

Whether or not you are a friend, whether or not the entry is old - ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME. At this point (Dec. 2006) I probably wouldn't even delete troll/flames, at least not troll/flames directed at me. If you direct a troll/flame at someone else I will most likely delete it. But I don't really expect trolling/flaming to be a problem.

I started to just leave this one out, because it is something that seems obvious to me - if the entry is open and comments aren't locked - then logically comments are welcome. However, I have seen many people worrying about this on other journals, so I decided to do this when I was doing the other two.

If an entry is up and open then anyone is free to post, even NonyMice. If I only want friends to comment, then the entry will be f-locked, and if I don't want even friends to comment then I would simply make it impossible to comment - yes, even I, a LJ dummy, knows how to do that.

Of course, most of my f-locked entries are not really because I don't want comments, but just because I felt it might be a good idea to keep the entry privateish.

Anyway, I've got email notice turned on for all my entries, therefore even if you comment to the very first entry - I should (if LJ is working properly) be notified. So, go nuts.

Me likey comments, me likey comments!

Finally, it should be noted that I am all over the map with this journal. Originally I was planning to make it a one trick pony, but that ended up not being the case.