Emma Love (queenettefallon) wrote,
Emma Love

Wow! So, it's clearly been awhile...

Yeah, I was getting things together (since it is November) for my yearly ratings entry and so I came on over here and was honestly shocked to realize it's actually been over a year since I've posted anything here. *sigh*

I kinda know how this happened -- for awhile there LJ was being really prissy when it came to allowing me to make an entry and then after awhile I just got out of the habit of using my little LJ.

Anyway, I hope no one thought anything bad had happened to me or anything, because honestly since the last time I posted anything life (the real one) is going a whole lot better.

Still I don't know if I'll get truly back into LJ because I've kinda gotten out of reviewing shows and contrary to what it seems even I get tired of just bitching about everything after awhile. *grin* But hopefully I'll try not to let such a long time pass between entries again -- maybe -- possibly anyway.

PS - And apparently that hasn't changed because the post entry clicky button is not becoming clicky for me. *sigh* So, yeah, this shit keeps happening and keeps me outta my own damn LJ. Though at least a simple refresh seems to have worked this time.

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