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Yeah, I was getting things together (since it is November) for my yearly ratings entry and so I came on over here and was honestly shocked to realize it's actually been over a year since I've posted anything here. *sigh*

I kinda know how this happened -- for awhile there LJ was being really prissy when it came to allowing me to make an entry and then after awhile I just got out of the habit of using my little LJ.

Anyway, I hope no one thought anything bad had happened to me or anything, because honestly since the last time I posted anything life (the real one) is going a whole lot better.

Still I don't know if I'll get truly back into LJ because I've kinda gotten out of reviewing shows and contrary to what it seems even I get tired of just bitching about everything after awhile. *grin* But hopefully I'll try not to let such a long time pass between entries again -- maybe -- possibly anyway.

PS - And apparently that hasn't changed because the post entry clicky button is not becoming clicky for me. *sigh* So, yeah, this shit keeps happening and keeps me outta my own damn LJ. Though at least a simple refresh seems to have worked this time.
Glad to see you post. Hope life is treating you fine. I'm up in N. Carolina now.
Wow! You have moved quite the distance there. *grin* Do you like it? - or do you wish you was still living on America's penis. *grin*

Anyway, yeah, life is good. Seems once my old job finally ran my ass off (changed owners AGAIN and cut my hours seriously -- so seriously I was able to draw unemployment despite not being completely unemployed) and I was forced to get a new job, because while unemployment helped it just couldn't make up the difference all the way, you know.

However, the new one is in fast food, which I wasn't expecting to like, but turns out this new one has just been plain better on me all around. Well, except for a few new grease burns on my fingers/hands/arms. But seriously my body likes it better and my stress level seems to have dropped almost a 100%, which is funny since I didn't realize how much my old job was stressing me out.