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Reviews/Comments: The Originals 1x21/22 & Supernatural 9x21/22

Okay, I've been away - not by choice. My internet connection "died" for almost a week, and during that time I had time to catch-up on a bunch of my shows, but since I didn't have net access during that time I played lazy and didn't even bother writing/typing reviews and so I will basically be skimming some.
(Though more importantly I got my gardening pretty much finished and loads of housework also caught up on, and to be fair those are more important than TV watching. Still the point is without the internet (though I did severely miss it) I did get some productive stuff done. Yes, I'd have still got it done, but I worked faster knowing I couldn't take random breaks to check out what was happening online.)

Also, I returned to find LJ has changed yet again and I'm still trying to understand said changes and/or why despite it telling me I can go back to the old format the clicky thing won't work to allow that.

Oh well at least it seems the post button has reverted back to the one that always worked not the one that only worked half of the time.

The Originals 1x21 The Battle of New Orleans

Yes, I watched this episode, and can maybe vaguely remember some of it, but not enough for a proper review. If it helps I don't remember hating it, of course if I'd loved it I'd probably remember more about it. Hence no LJ cut for this one.

Supernatural 9x21 King of the Damned

I gotta admit that I was a bit disappointed at how the whole Abbadon thing wrapped up. I mean I know it had to end, but it just felt on the whole anti-climatic.

Of course, that could have to do with my thoughts that the Abbadon part of the story being the more interesting part and wishing that was the one that had been chosen for the big finish over the whole angels and MetaBore crap.

The Originals 1x22 From a Cradle to a Grave

I loved it, and not just because Bekka appeared (though I won't deny that I loved that). Because honestly she wasn't there that long just a little bit at the end of the episode, but it was awesome.

Actually, the whole episode was kinda awesome and really got me reinvested in the whole show again. I mean, the witches got to Hayley and got the baby and they killed Hayley. Klaus was sad, Elijah was sad and angry then Hayley was up again and in transition to becoming a hybrid because she died with some of her baby blood still in her system.

Davina brings daddy back, but leashes him, because she has trust issues. But more importantly Marcel shows up in time to help Klaus, Elijah, and Hayley save the baby and kill some witches. So Marcel is back on the team.

At the end Team Baby realize that they can't keep the baby because dead mother original has made her afterlife goal to kill that baby and is willing to use live witches to do that, and that's where Bekka comes in. Team Baby decides that there is one other person out there who could protect the baby while the rest of them leave the impression that the baby died. Bekka takes the baby and everyone else seems sold on the idea that the baby died.

And it seems next season may be open hunting season on werewolves, because Marcel with an assist from Team Baby sets the traitor werewolf up to betray the other wolves who it should be noted betrayed traitor werewolf anyway.

Though it also left me feeling paranoid - STOP STALKING ME JULIE PLEC - STOP IT!

Okay so yeah I doubt she's stalking me, but this episode did make me suddenly feel like locking all my thoughts down and all, because they did name the baby Hope. That's not exactly the only reason I feel a wee bit paranoid just a large part of it.

Supernatural 9x22 Stairway to Heaven

GAH! This episode made me briefly feel sorry for Metabore - I hate it for that alone. And I mean that feeling didn't last long, but still I hate that it happened at all.

But more than that I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the episode and the direction I feel the show might be taking now. No, I'm not against dark Dean (or demon Dean as the case looks to be), but I just hate to see them head down this road, because you know once again the show won't use this as a way to have Sam save Dean but something or someone else will end up saving Dean.

Basically Carver has taught me to fear the worst when it comes to his ideas about this show and Sam's role in it.

So I'm gonna hold off on a review here just because I need to think on things and possibly watch the episode again, because by itself I don't think the episode was a bad one it just stoked some of my worst fears about the show.

Honestly I kinda doubt I'll ever come back to this episode, because since typing the above I've now had a day or two with time I could've rewatched and just found myself totally uninterested in watching the episode again.

Speaking of which, I had a thought the other day - there was some heavy speculation that the CW was gonna move Supernatural to Monday (they didn't), but I realized if they did and tried to force me to chose between Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow then no matter how good or bad the coming season of Sleepy Hollow might be it was the hands down winner, because for two seasons I just haven't really liked Supernatural...

I'm kinda torn though really. Had the CW made my choice easy then I'd have been able to make a clean break from Supernatural but now I'm betting I'll end up watching until the bitter end or at the very least hanging in there for one more season. Oh well at least I believe I've finally made the clean break with The Vampire Diaries so baby steps.

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