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Reviews/Comments: The Originals 1x20 & Supernatural 9x20

Yeah, I still haven't watched last weeks The Vampire Diaries so no review. Honestly I've just about lost interest in that show entirely. So to be perfectly honest I have no idea when/if I'll start watching again so this is pretty much me saying don't expect any more reviews of The Vampire Diaries here.

So moving on...

The Originals 1x20 A Closer Walk With Thee

Another not bad episode, but also another one where I just don't have lots to say about either. Seriously, this one might have been the best since Rebekah left.

So lets jump in, shall we...

The Priest is dead and Klaus is dreaming of the funeral only instead of the Priest in the coffin it's his very much alive new baby. Klaus is happy until his "father" stabs him in the back.

Now Klaus assumes what we all do (but considering what's going on in Mystic Falls, perhaps we should not have assumed things) that he's worried he's gonna be a big a prick to his new baby as his "father" was to him, except Elijah pops up to inform us that he's also been dreaming about daddy dearest.

Look I didn't say it was the best episode ever just possibly the best one since Rebekah left. On the other hand, I could be biased because it was just damn nice to get a break from SCSPAN, though it is weird (in a not bad way, I suppose) that they chose to break up SCSPAN with a funeral episode, but at least the end does leave us with some interesting potential.

Mikael wants to live again and he's trying to talk Divina into making that happen. And, hey, I said this show could use more originals I had just assumed somehow mama original would come back instead we may be gonna get original father instead.

Oh and forever pregnant Hayley not only makes a joke about the length of her pregnancy, but also ends up moving back into Klaus-House by the end of the episode for safety reasons. Basically because young not Divina witch tries to kill Hayley with a spell in this episode and old witch who drove Rebekah away actually helps and then even more shocking she begs the dead witches not to make her kill Hayley's baby, because it's just a baby and she doesn't want to become that kind of monster, but the dead witches insist and with blood tears in her eyes she agrees.

Supernatural 9x20 Bloodlines

My first impression wasn't as extreme as I expected it to be, though I did have some rants building about things of Supernatural past rising, but before I put pen to paper I decided to hold off, because another thought I had while watching was this show might not be half bad if they wasn't trying to sell it as a spin-off.

And I was kinda right, after the first watch I watched a few other shows and then decided to in my mind (best I could) disconnect it from Supernatural and watch it again. And that time I was like "hmm, not nearly as bad as I expected it to be." Seriously it really does seem a whole lot better as a show of it's own rather than a spin-off.

Because honestly there's no way I could see Dean or Sam (but most especially Dean) leaving sleeping monsters sleeping. So the only real way this spin-off could work as being Supernatural would be for Supernatural and the spin-off to merge, which isn't likely to happen.

And I suppose depending on how Supernatural season nine ends it could maybe make sense that Dean and Sam don't rush back to keel all the monsters, but somehow I just don't see that going very well.

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