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Reviews/Comments: The Vampire Diaries 5x18/The Originals 1x19/Supernatural 9x19

Oops, forgot about reviewing last weeks The Vampire Diaries, didn't I? Well, even now it's not really a review more just a couple comments, but since they could be seen as slightly spoilery I cut.
PS - My "review" of this weeks The Originals is just about as short.

The Vampire Diaries 5x18 Resident Evil

So yes I watched this episode and then apparently forgot all about it, or at least forgot all about reviewing it. Seriously, I know I watched it, because I remember the episode nailing the final nail in the coffin that is Stefan and Elena's relationship and pretending it was doing the same with the Damon/Elena relationship, except it left Damon/Elena open whether it meant to or not.

And some stuff with the other side, mostly about someone escaping that may or may not be causing the other side to collapse, which granted could be interesting but knowing this show it won't be because instead focus will find its way back to Elena's romantic situation.

However, since I can't really remember the episode I'm not even gonna try to jog my memory to churn out a review at this point I'm just gonna let this be my episode thoughts and just move on to the next.

The Originals 1x19 An Unblinking Death

Well, I didn't hate this episode and it didn't bore me. On the other hand, I can't say I loved it either. And that's about all I really have to say about this episode. Well that and at least the Father Crazy subplot has FINALLY finished, and ultimately I liked the end of it, but it just really dragged out way to long.

Yeah, I know, usually when I say that I end up going into more detail than expected, but this time the only other thing I can think of to say is that while this episode tried to give some layers to the werewolves (to make them come off as more than thugs) that mostly fails, because by the end of the episode they (the writers) have the wolves following the wolf that staged the attack on the wolves.

Yes, one can see how that could happen, but in this case that actor/character just ain't good/interesting enough to pull this story off and give the character layers - he's just a thug taking power from the scared and the whole thing is more tedious than anything else.

Supernatural 9x19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann

To be honest, I didn't hate the episode, but I didn't love it either. Though that's because of one kinda specific pet peeve of mine. But it's twisted in this episode. I tend to hate the moral character that gets in the way of what needs to be done, but ends up being right, and that's exactly what happened in this episode, but with Supernatural it does need to be pointed out that Dean and Sam have (over the years) become more about the hunting things than the saving people. Now granted it makes sense how they'd end up this way, but I tend to hate it when the show fails to notice that Dean and Sam no longer have the moral high ground. So I would've been happy about this except for one thing.

Basically, I wanted She's the Sherriff to be wrong and attacked by the girl she was trying to save. No, I didn't want her killed, but would've liked to see her wrongness bite her in the ass (especially after "mama" turned what's her name), so to speak, before realizing she was wrong. Instead they are coming very close to making the same mistakes with She's the Sherriff that they did with Mama Kevin.
(They are trying to make her into some sort of super person I guess in an effort to make the audience like her, but where I didn't care for Moma Kevin (and felt they was trying to hard with her from pretty much the moment she first appeared) I do like Jody so this is unnecessary at best and likely to make me dislike the character at worst. Characters can be wrong and make mistakes and still be likeable. In fact it's better to let a character be wrong from time to time instead of trying to make them perfect all the time.)

I also don't think I really liked how easily the vamps got the jump on Sam and therefore Dean, but that ties into me not really loving when the show dumbs Dean and Sam down because that's what the plot needs. As I've said before if that's what your plot needs then you need a better plot. I mean really I liked Dean killing the vamp, I really really did. But the stuff before that should've been done a little differently.

Sam should've been easily able to get that gun off of him - not just because he's a big strong dude, but also because he's been doing this shit for most of his life. It would've been better if the vamp had somehow knocked Sam out and then brought him in. Then there's the fact that the vamps didn't tie Dean up just left him "sleeping" on the floor. Really, Show, really? I mean, okay, maybe vamps in the middle of nowhere don't know about Dean and Sam, except they have the vamps talk about the Winchesters, so it makes zero sense that the vamps would just let Dean sleep on the floor while they drain Sam. Damn it! This could've been easily changed to them tying Dean up but Dean working himself free while everyone assumes he's sleeping.

So, yeah, while I didn't hate the episode there was some things in it that really really bugged me.

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