Emma Love (queenettefallon) wrote,
Emma Love

Reviews/Comments: The Originals 1x18 & Supernatural 9x18

The Originals 1x18 The Big Uneasy

Okay, so I'm still bummed that Rebekah's gone, but that's surprisingly not the biggest problem with the show right now. The biggest problem is that supernatural politics are not anymore interesting to watch than human ones, even when you consider the supernatural politics can more often than not lead to higher body counts.

I mean honestly Elijah took over, and yet we are still apparently going to be fighting over who controls New Orleans, and overall I just find it rather tedious. I mean I get why Marcel wouldn't just give up and walk away, but that just leaves me miffed that the show wrote him into that corner in the first place. I think I'd rather just watch the various factions try to work out a peace rather than having Marcel fighting to take the city back.

Then there's Klaus himself - I had more interest in him when he was being outright bad on The Vampire Diaries than I do for this almost watered down version of Klaus now. Instead of taking control of the city like he wanted the show has him instead off making side deals with the wolves. And the wolves (at present) are little more than cliché thugs, so very little interest there, except to hope those sons-of-bitches don't end up with wolf controlling rings.

Would I have found this episode better if Rebekah was in it? Hard to say, because if she was still there the story of the episode would've at least been slightly different, which would've made the episode itself slightly different. But the whole thing could've still been as tedious even had Rebekah had been a part of it. And again there's still the issue of not having a female character that can stand toe to toe with the male originals now. I think they may be grooming Hayley for this by making her leader of the wolves, but for this to end up working they need to make the damn wolves more than simple thugs. Plus I'm just not sure the actress has the something to pull it off, the only real reason it half-way works now is because she's preggers, but once the baby's out she's (or the writers) are gonna have to play it carefully, because at that point Klaus would (or should, though the show is currently trying to turn him into a werewolf fan) have little vested interest in keeping her alive.

Supernatural 9x18 Meta Fiction

Okay, even after a second watch before typing this I'm still not sure how I feel about this episode. So I'm gonna start with the part that I thought was the most well done part of the episode and that was the not-Gabriel part. The great part was the fact that Gabriel came off here as being written by a fanfic writer who just doesn't quite get/understand the character, which makes sense since MetaBore is the one writing him. He mostly does and says the right things, but lacks the panache and pizzazz of the actual Gabriel. So that's one thing about the episode that completely worked.

Another part I should've liked I suppose was Dean in the shower, but honestly since we only see his wet head and some of his shoulders it's hard to get excited about that.

But the rest of the episode just didn't really excite me. And part of that, I think, is because of MetaBore. I know it's not the actor, unless he's lost something over the years, so I don't know if it's the writing or directing, but the character just lacks any real (for lack of a better word) presence and so it tends to suck the life out of the scenes he's in. So basically having a whole episode with this character as the primary doesn't seem like it was the best idea.

On the other hand, if they could retcon this and have MetaBore having started writing his story as season eight started it would explain why so much of the show just hasn't felt right. Alas I have very little hope of this, since MetaBore didn't come into play until later in season eight, so it's a pipe dream, but it's one I'd really like to be an endgame for this current arc.

Speaking of I can't be the only one (right?) thinking MetaBore did more than insert knowledge into Cass's head, because then suddenly by the end of the episode Cass is doing exactly what MetaBore wanted and that seems weird to me, especially since Cass failed to inform Dean and Sam of what he'd learned of MetaBores plans.

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