Day late, and always a dollar short, but here are my thoughts. They might surprise you given my overall feelings for certain things in this season and the previous one.

The Vampire Diaries 5x16 While You Were Sleeping

You know, despite this episode being overly heavy on the wangst I kinda loved it anyway.

I think though what saved this episode for me was actually the Damon/Elena stuff, which is pretty much where the wangst was at it's worst. But I've been saying for a long time now that this show keeps trying to force Damon/Elena without seeming to understand why that pairing just doesn't (or really shouldn't) work. But in the end the show has both characters acknowledge this before (of course) jumping right back in to bed together, but this time I found myself actually in support, which is the first time that's happened since this show started shoe-horning Damon/Elena.

Apparently, I'm easy - all it takes is some hard-core honesty and I'm totally on board.

There was also a bit where Katherine helpfully left Elena a diary, which Elena may have quickly decided to burn, which just seems stupid, but you sorta get it. See, Elena is blinking in and out of reality in this episode. In fact that's how the episode starts, with Elena table dancing and soon taking her shirt off upon request. Only Caroline questions this behavior and only mildly at that. Everyone else thinks it's just about damn time Elena had some fun, even baby brother Jeremy. And I think I actually uttered a "seriously" here, not in support of the idea of Elena having fun, but that these characters seriously believe that is the exact way Elena would go about having fun (or okay until the reveal meaning writers instead of characters).

Actually, at first this seems real until Elena jumps off the table berating her friends for not seeing that is NOT Elena behavior, and while I'm not that fond of Elena lately that didn't stop me from loving this, because seriously I know Katherine had a Matt shaped cheat-sheet, which Elena may or may not know about, but still as good as Katherine was there was some obvious tells, which if everyone hadn't known about the TravelBores and the fact that Elena spent Katherine's last moments with Katherine, you could almost see them writing off. But what works against them is that they did know those things I mentioned and still couldn't come up with obvious is obvious.

This continues through the episode with a weird meeting of what Katherine did in Elena's body with Elena randomly popping out to berate people for not realizing this be not Elena. But aside from that first bit the other really good bit of this was how you could totally understand Elena coming to the conclusion that she killed Aaron, with Damon not fessing up until the end under the guise of protecting Elena. Yeah, some protection people - let her go nuts thinking Katherine (as Elena) killed this one person Elena was weirdly invested in.

I think at this point all it would take to get me back on Team Elena would be for Elena to just be all "fuck you all - FUCK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!"

Another bonus (for me) was that the werewolf venom didn't turn Elena into a super vampire hunter hunter it was just pretty much gonna make her dead, which I had admittedly been harping on since it happened.

Mostly I think I may owe Plec an apology, because (as mentioned, aside from the angst, and even that in context is understandable) it almost seems this episode was made especially for me.

There was of course some other stuff that happened - Damon can't seem to stop telling people about Caroline/Klaus, which leads Enzo (of all characters) to make a funny come on with this information. Also, apparently Stefan once again has a doppelgänger that's WAY more awesome than he is, but the TravelBores want Paramedic!Stefan dead, because apparently there can be only one (of each doppelgänger) for something magical/mystical to happen between Stefan and Elena's blood.

But because the TravelBores don't want to let Stefan out of their sight, but also don't care if they fry his brain (and really why would they? Mind-wiped Stefan is soooo much more fun) so Caroline steps in and tells them Enzo would totally be willing to kill Paramedic!Stefan so that Stefan doesn't suffer another brain fry. *le sigh* So Stefan stays behind while Caroline and Enzo start what could be the best road trip ever, or the worst thing to ever happen in the history of vampiric events.

Also, apparently the baby witch Bonnie's been teaching isn't as much a baby witch as a fully trained and pulling the wool over everyone's eyes with her big gay brother witch. It involves something that will put Bonnie's friends in danger, but that's really all we're told.