Well lookie here LJ is finally going to let me post something other than a review of The Vampire Diaries, though I guess it could be because I do mention The Vampire Diaries rather heavily in this one. *grin*

The Originals 1x16 Farewell to Storyville

So once again I'm stuck trying to come up with something to say about an episode. I think ultimately I liked the episode, but I'm torn because the episode ends with Bekka leaving, which makes sense for the character (and story) but makes me sad because I want MOAR Bekka on my screen.

Seriously, as Bekka was clearly having a blast driving out of town I kept expecting Klaus or Elijah to suddenly appear with a reason why she couldn't leave. I just hope she's headed back to Mystic Falls (I'm sadly lacking SPOILERS here) so I can continue to enjoy the character on my screen, and goodness knows given the promo for upcoming episodes of The Vampire Diaries that show really needs something to come up that I'd enjoy.

Okay, you know what I gotta end this, because I need to see if I can find some Bekka SPOILERS, because honestly I have little interest in watching Marcel and Klaus fight it out - that's how this show started and got boring fast. On the other hand, Elijah seemed like he might be trying to turn in to Klaus at the end of the episode, which could be interesting, but basically Bekka is the main character from The Originals that I enjoy so I'm not sure how much I'm really gonna be into this show without her, especially if Plec does as I fear and now try to turn The Originals into The Vampire Diaries by turning Elijah into Stefan, Klaus into Damon, and Hayley into Elena. And sadly you can't say the building blocks for that aren't already in place.

So after a brief pause for the cause - looking into some info about Bekka. It didn't take long, and sadly apparently Bekka really is gone, because apparently Plec feels Bekka's purpose is done her story is finished. UGH! Okay, some think it's because the actress wanted out to do other things, but the general consensus seems to be that something happened between Plec and Holt behind the scenes which lead to Holt just wanting out.

And it gets worse (for me anyway, because) apparently Katherine really is dead. According to what I've seen it seems the writers are done with Katherine and they don't plan to bring her back nor do they plan to explain anymore about her rather weird death. Which leaves me wondering what the hell is wrong with Plec and why does she keep getting rid of the awesome/interesting/fun female characters. I guess maybe she just really digs love triangles and over-the-top wangst, but since those things don't really hit my buttons (love triangles I can only stand if I feel like there's a real chance it might become a threesome, and given Plecs storytelling I think she just loves love triangles for the epic WANGST generated!) So, I think from here on out I'll be avoiding Plec lead shows like I finally started avoiding Whedon shows back in the day.

Basically, now that I know this episode was Bekka's swan song I actually like it less than before, because for a characters final episode it just wasn't that good.