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The Vampire Diaries 5x15 Gone Girl

So, again I liked the episode, but didn't like it as much as last weeks. Alas, sitting here trying to think of things to say about it... Well, apparently I don't have much to say about it, though I think I might would have, but that promo for the next episode just sorta killed my enthusiasm. Because that promo makes it seem like next time it'll be back to the boring crap.

Well that and the fact that all the villains are dead now.

Damon finally got around to killing Wes, but not before Wes boned Katherine (and not in the fun way) so Nadia died in a shockingly touching scene. Then Katherine despite a piss-poor attempt at escaping, and later we learn why this attempt was piss-poor, but what's shockingly stupid here is that despite piss-poor attempt being piss-poor I think she'd have gotten away if not for surprise Damon.

And yes Katherine is also dead, but she wasn't allowed to go through Bonnie to the other side, which leaves me thinking Katherine will be back and alive again at some point - most likely when the writers can finally figure out how to get out of the corner they backed this storyline into.
(But that does work - remember Queen Q aka Tessa did create the other side and she had a real hate-boner for the eternally not-so-epic doppelgängers and so it's unlikely she'd want them on the other side. However, that could just mean that Katherine simply got sucked off to where ever everyone who died went before Queen Qs meddling - meaning "she's dead, Jim.")

Okay lets go back - Nadia is dying from Tyler's unseen bite last week (which had me thinking that maybe Nadia was faking it to test Katherine, but apparently not). Now this episode tries to play Katherine not going to Klaus because that would out her as Katherine, but I'm not really buying that. Elena's a soft touch, so Katherine could've played it as Elena just wanting to save someone. But again where Klaus is right now he wouldn't exactly be in the mood to help Elena or Katherine, so either way it was a little smart of Katherine to try coming up with another plan. She brings Wes in, which was not so good, but I think he did help her awhile back so it does almost make sense that she wouldn't entirely mistrust him - did she even know about him torturing vampires and trying to turn them into vampire vampire hunters? See, I don't think she did, but I could be wrong, but if she didn't then it makes sense that she felt he could be somewhat trusted.

Still Wes takes a sample from Nadia (a Nadia who's dying from werewolf bite, I might add. Really, this is important and why the plots spawning from this DOES NOT WORK!) - so this right here could be why I didn't like this episode as well as last weeks, because this is a bit of a major flaw, and it seems like the show is going to wrap the storyline around this flawed thing. Werewolf is poison to vampires it doesn't turn vampires into super vampire vampire hunters. *sigh* If anything Elena should now be dying from werewolf poison not becoming a vampire vampire hunter. *sigh*

Yes, that's what Katherine reveals to Bonnie before trying to pass on - she knew when she went to her dying daughter her time in Elena's body was over, so she injected Wes's last creation into Elena's gut before heading off to see her daughter one last time.

You see thanks to Damon killing him Wes was running late for his meeting with Katherine, so she ended up going to look for him, which opened the way for Stefan to kidnap Nadia to ultimately force Katherine to come to them. Katherine is not happy to find Wes dead, but then she's less happy when she finds his voice recorder and finds that he wasn't even trying to help Nadia. I'd mock her surprise, but then again as I said it might make some sense that she would be a bit shocked here.

Oh and somewhere in all of this Caroline finally grows a backbone and finally points a few things out that I've been screaming at the screen for awhile now. Sure sleeping with Klaus was a mistake, but it wasn't like she actually cheated on Tyler in doing this, because even before this Tyler couldn't put Caroline first and kept dumping her to run off for all kinda of other reasons. So yes she slept with someone Tyler has plenty of reasons to hate, but she didn't actually cheat on Tyler while doing it.

That basically happens at the end of the episode where Caroline tells Tyler that he can either get over or he can't but he needs to make a decision because she's tired of feeling guilty about it. I really kinda hope this at least does not change, because as far as I'm concerned Caroline needs to move on from Tyler. Now I'm not saying she needs to jump into another relationship just that she really does need to stop being Tyler's doormat - it's trashing her character just as much as that whole crap in season four trashed Elena's.

But before that point Katherine gets in her final words to everyone, which is a fairly accurate assessment, except with Tyler. I do believe that while Katherine (unintentionally, I might add) made Damon and Caroline's lives better, Tyler would've had a much better life without Katherine's meddling, though I guess even that could be debated, because it's possible that would've left him even more "innocent" in the face of Klaus, so I suppose Katherine does have a bit of a point even here, but still I can totally see why Tyler wouldn't agree, because possibly if Tyler's inner wolf had never woken he would've never came to Klaus's attention since Klaus seemed to be going after already "wakened" wolves and not waking them himself.

And I admit that I also love that this lead to a revelation for Damon - that in a room full of people Katherine died alone, which granted you could say we all are, but we all aren't alone AND unloved, and I did like that Damon realized that is not even close to what he wants for himself. See, there it is again - Katherine unintentionally helping him.

Okay that was interesting - apparently once I started typing I had more to say than I thought, but it was weird because when I first started this I was basically just staring at the blank screen wondering what the hell I was gonna say about this one.